Classic Style – The Best Brands In Australia

classic style australia
Classic Style is something we are always striving to achieve in our wardrobes. With the most influential women in history often donning this concept we define as classic style, we aren’t short on inspiration.

We can look to the likes of Hollywood star-turned-princess Grace Kelly, or the ever-famous Audrey Hepburn, to the modern royal Kate Middleton, or the classic power-dresser Victoria Beckham. Think well-tailored clothes that aren’t overly revealing, and which avoid the latest trends. Unfortunately however, we also know these wardrobes often come with designer price tags!

To help you achieve classic style without spending a small fortune on the likes of Valentino and Chanel, we have created a guide to classic dressing with newer brands that don’t carry the same price.

Read on for your ultimate guide to classic style in Australia.

classic style

#1 – Friend of Audrey

Friend of Audrey is a Sydney-based fashion label with an effortless aesthetic, aiming to create an understated and elegant look. Inspired by empowering the wearer, the woman who wears this label is both refined and unafraid to stand out of the crowd.

With Audrey Hepburn as their ultimate muse, it is hard for them to take a wrong step in designing classic style. Also in a reasonable price range, hovering mostly between $100-$300, we love this brand for all occasions.

Visit Friend Of Audrey here

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