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Life Down-Under: 4 Reasons To Become an Aussie Citizen

Being Australians ourselves, it’s easy to become blasé about all of the wonderful things being an Australian citizen entitles you to. If you’re thinking of embracing Australia as your permanent home, here are some of […]…


How To Spend 24 hours In Melbourne

Bursting with activities, shopping, and cultural sites to see, it’s hard to know what to do if you’re only in Melbourne for a short period. We highlight the best things to do, see and eat […]…

best ideas for dates in sydney

The 7 Best Spots To Go On A Date In Sydney

When it comes to dating, Sydney is a great city to be in. The city has something for everyone – impressive restaurants, quirky bars, golden beaches, harbour cruises, stunning parks and gardens, and seasonal highlights. […]…

australian-open 2019

Glam Slam: The Australian Open 2019 Is Here

When it comes to sports, it doesn’t get much more appealing than tennis. Tennis has it all: long matches, stylish participants, exciting entertainment, and plenty of courtside glamour. While other sports may have you phasing […]…