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how does fashion influence digital design

How Trending Fashion Influences Digital Design

Take a look at what you’re wearing – what does it say about you? Are you a heels and sequins type of girl or do you feel most yourself in minimalist basics? In most cases, […]…

negotiating skills

The 10 Negotiation Skills Every Successful Woman Uses

Negotiation skills are paramount to helping you achieve the life you want. Whether you’re angling for a raise, negotiating with your kids, or simply trying to get someone to agree to your suggestion for a […]…

how to become a nail technician

Work: How To Become A Nail Technician

If you love everything beauty, and you love working with people, becoming a nail technician is an enjoyable and rewarding career choice. It’s the type of profession that allows you to be creative while having […]…

positive brand image

Work: How to Create a Positive Brand Image

In 2021, if you’re running a business of any type, then creating a positive brand image ought to be kept top of mind. To succeed in the fast-moving, competitive marketplace of today, harnessing the power […]…

embracing authenticity

Work: Why Embracing Authenticity Is Smart For Your Business

‘Business authenticity’ is the new buzzword in communication strategy. It’s commonly accepted that embracing authenticity is the key to grow your presence and your audience reach. Yet, what does it exactly mean to be ‘authentic’? […]…

build relationship with customers

Work: 6 Ways To Build Relationships With Customers

If you’re looking to build relationships with customers – not just sell to them, you’re on the way to business success. Once customers believe that you’re aligned with their needs, they’ll stick with you through […]…