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are skinny jeans dead

Ask The Expert: Are Skinny Jeans Really Dead?

It was the declaration that rocked the fashion world – or at least, the world of denim loving millennials with a deep-rooted loyalty for skin-tight jeans: Gen Z announced via TikTok that the era of […]…


Can You Wear A Cocktail Dress To A Ball?

Choosing the perfect outfit for a specific event is nearly always difficult. From considerations about what other guests will be wearing to worrying about the weather, there’s no shortage of questions that need to be […]…

The Luxury Fabric Elegant Women Always Wear

The 10 Things Polished Women Always Do

Polished women get noticed for all the right reasons. They have mastered the art of putting themselves together in a way that sets them apart from everybody else. And it has nothing to do with […]…

how does fashion influence digital design

How Trending Fashion Influences Digital Design

Take a look at what you’re wearing – what does it say about you? Are you a heels and sequins type of girl or do you feel most yourself in minimalist basics? In most cases, […]…

how to layer clothes olivia palermo

How to Layer Clothes In Cooler Months Like a Pro

You know it’s time to learn how to layer clothes when you step outside in the morning and feel frozen, only to notice a couple of hours later that you are boiling under your thick […]…


Finding Your Personal Style At Any Age: 5 Easy Tips

Finding your personal style: If you’re a little too used to dressing down and you constantly ignore your fashion sense to the extent that switching up your style is the farthest thing from your mind, […]…