Shop Smart – How To Always Buy The Right Shoes

shop smart - how to buy the right shoes
Shop smart for shoes and reap the happiness! 

I love buying shoes. They’ve always been my favourite accessory. I believe you can wear the simplest clothes, throw on a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt – if your shoes are fabulous, they will elevate your entire outfit.

Today we’re talking about the tricky side of buying new shoes, because a bad purchase can result in utter shoe disappointment, sad empty wallets – or both.

Buying the wrong shoes means two things: Firstly – you have no new shoes! And secondly, you’ll have the hassle of returning your less-than-fabulous purchase via a trip to the store or the post office.  Let’s be honest, who has time to do that?

So, here’s a checklist on how to shop smart for shoes to make you happy – and your wallet happier.

shop smart

#1 – Pick a shoe style that suits you

How does one know when they’ve got their style right? It often seems that you either “have a hand” for personal style or you “need a hand” to pick the right pieces. Some women kind of fall into it. Like Linda Rodin who embraced natural flaws and wears platforms because they simply feel comfortable.

So, in the first instance, to shop smart for shoes means finding out what makes you feel good, and how you feel most like yourself. Be careful with trends. In recent years Birkenstocks might have turned into a fashionable accessory, though – are they fashionable on everyone?

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