Capsule Wardrobe Basics: Seven Classic Pieces Worth Owning

how to build a capsule wardrobe classic pieces

We all dream of owning a wardrobe stocked with fantastic outfits that translate from the office to an evening out without missing a beat. What we’re really looking for are a slew of versatile and flattering clothing pieces that mix and match with ease.

Ideally these will be classic pieces that are hard to grow tired of, and that don’t float in and out of fashion with the changing of the wind. Fortunately, having a highly functioning wardrobe is attainable and it doesn’t take Victoria Beckham’s budget to achieve it.

With the right foundation pieces and a little planning, you will save money, save time, save space in your closet, and most importantly – you’ll always look amazing.

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First up, a tip: Consider your lifestyle! The Australian capsule wardrobe needs to reflect who we are in real life. For instance, do you work from home or do you have a million frequent flyer miles? Are you more likely to be found socialising into the small hours, or are you running the Bondi to Bronte trail at dawn?

Be sure to consider the climate, as well as your best colours (note: these are not necessarily your favourite colours!) You may consider enlisting a colour professional to help you with this if you are not sure. Work around base colours in your capsule wardrobe and add interchangeable accessories for pops of colour.

Here are the wardrobe building blocks to pave the way for a capsule wardrobe that is adaptable and versatile.

capsule wardrobe australia white tshirt

Item #1 – The “Right” White T-Shirt

Include a few white t-shirts in your wardrobe and you’ll wear them in an infinite amount of ways. White t-shirts (V-necks and crew necks) go well under a blazer or with jeans, pencil skirts or shorts.

Your white t-shirts can be dressed up with statement accessories for an evening out, and they adapt perfectly for casual Fridays in the office as well.

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