One Easy Outfit Trick To Instantly Look Expensive

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If you want to achieve a polished, luxe look in your outfits but don’t want to think about it (or be constantly buying new clothes) there a few easy outfit tricks to know. Here’s one of them.

If there’s one thing that classy and polished women always do, it’s pull together outfits that give the impression they have spent time and money (even if they haven’t really).

Through the clever use of styling tricks and certain outfit combinations, stylish women are able to create luxe-looking looks out of their existing wardrobes without having to spend a cent.

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There are several outfit tricks to master, but one of my favourites is “palette dressing” otherwise called the monochrome  look – when your total look is virtually all the same colour (or at least from the same colour family.)

This outfit trick is one of my favourites because it can be achieved for any season, with any budget, and for any occasion.

Here, I’ve curated some inspiration on how to look like money wearing only one colour in an outfit. By its very nature, this outfit idea looks very pulled together and coordinated, and it’s also very striking.

All black outfits and all white outfits are already classics for most of us, but these are worth including here because these are the most luxe colours to wear head-to-toe of them all, and a reminder is always good!

Following that I would go for neutrals such as beige, tan, grey and navy. Then, if you’re confident – move into bright colours.

If you’re worried you will end up looking like a giant fruit such as a tomato/grape/orange if wearing bright colours, then think again – simply mute down the tones and mix up the fabrics and you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

Click through to discover the outfit trick we’re loving when you want to look expensive.

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Winter Outfit

Nothing looks more luxe in cool weather than winter whites. Team white jeans with white knitwear and a classic white maxi coat. Perhaps swap the strappy shoes for a neutral boot if it’s a bit chilly. Don’t wear a white boot. EVER.

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  • Reply Lizzie Moult Thursday 21st June, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    That is brilliant. I am currently crushing denim at the moment but wearing all one colour is a fab idea – I love charcoals.

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