Grace Kelly Style: How To Polish Your Look For Autumn

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Grace Kelly – style icon, Hollywood actress and princess. Renowned for her simple, natural elegance and fresh spirit, the American beauty remains one of the true icons of the 20th century.

From her starring role in High Society, to her marriage to the Prince of Monaco, Grace Kelly lived a lavish, fairytale lifestyle on the world stage. 

Grace Kelly style is known for its clean, minimalistic appeal, punctuated with kitten heels, pearls, chic suits and Hermes bags. For special occasions, Grace was never without her exceptional pearl and diamond jewellery, voluminous haute couture Christian Dior dresses, and cool disposition.

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But while her signature style on face value might look out of step in today’s world – not to mention out of the reach of us mere mortals, luckily, the opposite is true!

While Grace Kelly’s style held a glossy facade, her look was renowned for its simplicity. It is for this reason her style is still considered relevant and iconic some fifty years after her heyday. 

Rarely seen in loud prints or too many bold colours, Grace Kelly favoured immaculately cut capri pants, crisp cotton shirts, tortoiseshell sunglasses, chic dresses with scoop necks, plus a swathe of classy coats in cashmere and silk. These key pieces provided the basis for a wardrobe that always looked pulled together and classy. 

Here we study Grace Kelly style, adapting some of her signature pieces into our modern day Autumn wardrobe.

grace kelly style

Grace Kelly Style Staple #1 –

Borrow from the boys

One of the easiest parts of Grace Kelly’s style to incorporate into our modern day wardrobes, was her penchant for masculine classics.

Tailored pants and shirts are already staples for most of us, but the key to achieving a classy ladylike look lays with how the two are put together.

For Grace Kelly style, be sure to cuff your shirt at the elbow, and tuck the shirt into a pair of high waisted pants. A belt will achieve the ultimate nipped-in-waist.

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