Hot Legs: How To Get Your Best Legs This Summer

Hot legs – they’re synonymous with Summer. But we’re not talking about heat-hot (that’s a given), we mean HOT-HOT.  …Sexy hot. With us? Read on…

If it’s officially Summer on your side of the world, that means it’s time we dare to bare a little more skin than usual. We know that stepping out in a dress for the first time each season is always a little intimidating, so we are here to offer some help on how to get your legs looking their absolute best this Summer.

Whilst an exercise and toning regime never goes astray in achieving the hot legs of our dreams, there are thousands of leg-enhancing products on the market as well, which are all designed to smooth, condition and tan your legs to create those taught-yet-silky pins we all want.

If you’re on the quest for HOT legs this summer, we have rounded up 11 great products to help you get there.

hot legs

#1 – Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert, $85

Clarins have discovered that Quince Leaf extract can visibly smooth, firm and lift the skin. By perceptibly firming the skin, this product noticeably reduces the look of cellulite which is one of the biggest hindrances to getting hot legs in the first place. A gel-cream formula, it smooths onto the skin quickly and refreshes your legs for the perfect summer outing.

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