The Classy Girl’s Guide To Christmas Day Outfits

christmas outfits
Christmas Day – one of the few days on the calendar which demands us to come up with an outfit that’s more or less miraculous

Whether it’s a relaxed BBQ with family, a formal lunch affair at a 5 star restaurant, or you’re dashing between the in-laws, there’s more involved when it comes to getting our Christmas outfits on-point than for many other occasions.

We want to look elegant yet comfortable, festive without being corny, and dare I say it – if we’re mingling with the extended family and long lost cousins, we probably want to look like we have our life pulled together, thank you very much.

If you’re wondering what to wear this Christmas, read on for our (slightly) tongue-in-cheek take on what to wear, no matter what you’re up for.

Here we’ve rounded up the best outfit inspiration for keeping your Christmas classy!

#1 – The Casual Family BBQ

The peplum blouse hides a multitude of sins, while the relaxed pants and comfortable shoes are perfect for enduring a long, hot day on your feet. Extra points if you can achieve the ultimate yuletide colour-combo!

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