Stay Fit This Christmas! 7 Tips To Stay In Shape

how to stay fit this christmas 4
Trying to stay fit over Christmas can feel impossible. It’s tempting to let everything slide, from our work ethic, to our exercise routines, and of course – to our diet.

But who wants to wake up on Jan 1st – otherwise known as the start of fresh beginnings, not being able to fit into last year’s clothes! The aftermath of the Christmas onslaught can be brutal for our health and fitness goals, and it can be demoralising to start the new year looking and feeling less than our best.

But the good news is, it’s possible to enjoy a no-regrets silly season if you equip yourself with a new nifty tricks and a smidgen of discipline. 

So rather than hiding your favourite skinny-day jeans away till the end of February, this year, stay fit with a preemptive approach. Thank us later!

Read on for 7 tricks to stay fit this Christmas!

how to stay fit this christmas

1# – Use downtime wisely

Sure, you’re probably frantically dashing to the shops and decorating the tree, but chances are you have a few more spare hours up your sleeve than you’re admitting.

If your workplace has closed for the week, or you’re just on a bit of a go-slow in the office, take the opportunity to squeeze a bit of exercise in!

Whether it’s fitting in a lunchtime session at the gym, or taking a long walk around the suburb, use any spare time wisely to get yourself moving.

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