Winter Work Outfits: 24 Ideas To Wear Now

Winter work outfits are a delicate balancing act to master. We want to cultivate a professional image and stay warm, while not sell ourselves short on style. 

No matter what kind of workplace you belong to, there will be a slew of “rules” about what is appropriate to wear to work in that particular environment.

Taking cues from what the other women are wearing is one way to determine the bounds of style, but unless they are Olivia Palermo, you may end up looking less than your best (or worse – just like each other!)

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On the other hand, you might find that adopting a sort of “uniform” is your answer to mastering work outfits – many big bosses rely on wearing the same combinations over and over.

Of course, not only does having a ‘uniform’ save you masses of time and energy trying to devise new looks each day, you’ll also enjoy getting dressed up on the weekends more!

Whether you’re game for rolling the outfit dice each morning, or you’re on the hunt for your ultimate ‘uniform’, we’ve compiled plenty of winter work outfits to inspire your Monday-Friday wardrobe. And a tip: if you’re inspired enough to start shopping for some new pieces, this handy and free dress size calculator tool will help you to find the best dress sizes according to your body’s physique.

Scroll our gallery for 24 chic and stylish winter work outfits you can wear now.

winter work outfits fashionable

A fashionable, yet conservative work outfit for cooler months. Just swap to close-toed shoes!

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