How To Look Expensive In Knitwear For Any Occasion

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Women’s knitwear can make even the laziest winter dresser look chic and expensive when you follow a few rules and pointers…

When we say “knitwear” it’s so easy to instantly think of bad holiday sweaters, cheap polyester cardigans, baggy and pilling jumpers, and other assorted knitted items that scream to the world you’ve have given up on fashion till the weather improves. 

Women’s knitwear as a term sounds cheap, it sounds mass-produced, and it sounds a little bit basic. But – if you buy the right pieces and know how to style it properly, knitwear can have quite the opposite effect!

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Simple tweaks to how you style women’s knitwear makes all the difference. So consider rolling up the sleeves, wearing a white shirt underneath, or adding some statement gold earrings, and a classy belt.

These little styling tricks help make your outfit feel customised and as if you have your own personal stylist on speed dial – which always makes things look more expensive. 

So instead of thinking about “surviving” winter in your comfiest, baggiest, most well-loved knitted garments, it’s time to embrace the chilly season as an excuse to level up on our style and stand out from the masses.

Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the easiest ways to wear knits this winter while remaining as chic as possible. And if you think you need to spend thousands of dollars, you’re mistaken. While we’d always opt for quality over quantity, you can get away with selecting only 2-3 of the right pieces at various price-points to get you through at least a few seasons.

For inspiration, we’ve taken notes from our favourite fashion icons who show us how to wear women’s knitwear without sacrificing on style.

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#1 – The Striped Knit

We include striped sweaters whenever we have the chance, because owning one – or ten, makes a lot of sense. A soft, knitted jumper such as this version on Amal Clooney (looks like cashmere or mohair) is the perfect answer to casual days.

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