How To Construct A Covetable Closet This Season


Each and every season, like clockwork, I make a valiant effort to update my wardrobe by displacing the old and welcoming the new. Oh, the luxury of being a woman – am I right? From doing so, I have learnt to draw my attention toward finding the best pieces required for building the perfect wardrobe. Because, quite frankly spring isn’t spring without buying a new dress – and what better to accompany it with than those existing wardrobe basics you made the conscious effort to invest in seasons before-hand?

Sounds pretty genius huh!

Whether you’re looking for spring’s most covetable pieces or just want to eliminate having “nothing” to wear, I promise you’ll never experience the perils of wardrobe disappointment again.

Click through for all the tips you need to construct the perfect closet this season.

Introduce Neutral Hues

#1 – Introduce Neutral Hues

We’re no stranger to the black, white and grey rule. In fact, admiring Sarah Donaldson of Harper and Harley’s coveted monochrome closet is a regular downtime activity for me. Because, despite being easy and effortless, neutral hues are a great foundation for constructing your day-to-day outfit.

If you’re opposed to adding “more-black” to your closet, opting for colours such as French navy, beige, burgundy and khaki – will hit the spot just fine.

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