4 Wardrobe Space Saving Ideas For Spring!


Spring is here which means it’s time for a clean!

For many people, this can seem like a very daunting task but parting with your clothes isn’t your only solution. Whether you have an open space area or a built-in wardrobe for your clothes, there are other ways to maximise your space with minimal loss.

To get the most out of your wardrobe over the next year, follow our top 4 wardrobe space saving ideas to maximise your storage for future shopping sprees!


wardrobe space saving ideas rachel zoe wardrobe

Rachel Zoe’s enviable wardrobe. Image: instyle.com


Wardrobe Space Saving Idea #1 – Keep It Tidy

This may seem easier than it sounds but we all tend to end up with unnecessary items in our closet. The key point to remember is your clothing is the priority!

Whilst wardrobes may be used to store other bits and pieces, it’s important to ensure you allow yourself enough room to be able to see and access your clothes. A cramped closet may leave you forgetting about certain pieces and this can end up costly if it’s never been worn. Using extra large storage bags will also help you organise your closet.

If possible, try and store these items in boxes so they can be stacked or tucked away into a corner not suitable for clothing.

wardrobe space saving ideas rachel keri rusell

The wardrobe of Keri Russell. Image: elledecor.com


Wardrobe Space Saving Idea # 2 – Play It By Season

With warmer days slowly muscling their way in, it’s time to start packing away your winter clothes.

By taking out some of the bulkier clothing items, you instantly create more space in your closet. These can be stored down low or preferably up high to make other items more easy to access throughout the warmer months. (Plus, there’s nothing better than ‘rediscovering’ your favourite items when the season comes!)

TIP: Consider buying a vacuum-sealer machine to compress your bulky items by up to 3 times.

wardrobe space saving ideas for the home

Image: houzz.com


Wardrobe Space Saving Idea # 3 – It’s All About Structure

Storage areas come in all shapes and sizes so there’s no simple solution. But a great way to utilize every inch of your closet is to view and invest in modular storage parts.

Simply by viewing the different storage parts that are available, you’ll more than likely be able to imagine new ways to get the most out of your storage including those awkward areas.

Depending on your space, two great options include a longer hanging rail with drawers and shelves, or dual hanging rails with a tall set of drawers and shelves.

wardrobe space saving ideas

Image: Pinterest


Wardrobe Space Saving Idea # 4 – Organize It

By organizing your wardrobe, you’ll be making your outfit decisions so much easier!

Depending on your preference, you could sort your clothes into categories or by colour. But either way this will allow you to simply look at your wardrobe to match different pieces and create new outfits! Also, if you have a freestanding or open wardrobe, it turns it into a work of art!


wardrobe space saving ideas whitney port wardrobe

Whitney Port’s wardrobe. Image: glamour.com


SO – No matter how awkward your wardrobe may be, there are plenty of wardrobe space saving ideas that you can use!

If you follow these tips, you’ll find yourself freeing up space without saying goodbye, or more importantly, you won’t have to keep saying no when you go shopping!

What do you do to maximise your closet space – a good spring clean or perhaps you’ve invested in some space saving storage furniture? Let us know in the comments below!





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  • Reply BellaB Monday 21st September, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    I told my partner we could save lots of wardrobe space if we tossed most of his clothes. He disagreed!

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      HAHA!!! Maybe they can just disappear gradually….oops.

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    i love the last picture! Great organisation for different clothes variety.

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      I agree, her open wardrobe is really well done. Must keep it neat though!

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