Interior Design: 5 Ways To Change Your Space Without Changing Furniture

interior feature wall

Giving your living room a makeover doesn’t mean you have to spend up big and replace all your furniture! There are several easy ways to spruce up your living space – read on for tips and ideas.

#1 – Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall is a great way to liven up a space, and it only takes a few hours to do. Many living rooms will have at least one wall with no windows or doorways, and this is the perfect wall to go with.

There are a number of ways you can do it. The most common is to paint it a different colour to the rest of the room – something that stands out but doesn’t clash with the decor.

Additionally, once the wall has been painted, you can decorate it with artwork or photos, mirrors, a clock, or perhaps even a hanging rug.

interior lighting ideas 2

#2 – Get Creative With Lighting

Lighting gives a room its mood and ambience. In the daytime, nothing beats floods of natural light, but after dark you may want to get more creative with the look and feel of light.

If you’ve decided to go with a feature wall, this is a good location for installing several spotlights. These will further enhance the colour you’ve painted and illuminate artworks or decoration, if there are any.

Always install a dimmer switch on lights in main rooms such as the living and dining, stark white light or complete darkness isn’t ideal for cozy dinners or relaxation.

Another way of creating mood with lighting is by installing a floor lamp adjacent to furniture such as lounges and armchairs

interior blinds

#3 – Swap Curtains for Blinds

There are curtains, and there are curtains. If you’re curtains are looking more dated than designer, then it’s worth considering ditching them altogether in favour of some modern and stylish window blinds instead.

For windows, timber Venetian blinds in white or natural adds a modern and relaxed touch to any living room. Other options include louvered timber shutters, vertical blinds, or classic Roman blinds.

If you have sliding glass doors between the living area and an outdoor space, then you could also consider installing panel blinds. Panel blinds are great because you can let in as little or as much light as you want, and they are easy to update next time you want to do an interior refresh.  

interior floor rug

#4 – Don’t Tear Up the Carpet…Add a Floor Rug

If you have carpet or flooring in your living area that you’re not so fond of, it’s possible to leave it there (rather than ripping it up and replacing it altogether) by simply covering it with a floor rug. Buying a good quality floor rug, whether it’s in a solid colour or a pattern, will elevate the room and give it a designer feel for the fraction of the price of a new carpeting. 

Floor rugs are also really useful to add dimension and purpose to an area. The placement of rugs can delineate the coffee table area from the entertainment unit, and so on.

interior accent colours

#5 – Change Up the Living Room’s Accent Colours

Accent colours when done carefully, can really make a room. One of the best ways to bring accent colours into a space is via the sofa, loose cushions, or a throw rug.

If you’re into coordination and matching everything, these pieces can mimic the colour of your new feature wall, or the blinds you’ve installed. The new floor rug could be a part of the accent colour as well. Sometimes all you need to do is pull a few elements together with one colour, and your space will look cohesive and stylish!

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