Interior Design Styles & The Biggest Decor Trends For 2019

Interior design styles and trends for 2019 are starting to present themselves. It’s always fascinating to glance an insight into what we’ll all be wanting in the months and years to come.

Whoever has the job of trend forecasting certainly has their work cut out for them as there is literally a limitless array of styles, colours and moods that could sweep into popularity at any point in the future!

And looking at the interior design styles of years gone by can be equally as interesting, given that each decade had its distinct flavour. Unfortunately we can never forget the browns and oranges of the seventies, but if we cast our minds back twenty years earlier, the designs of the fifties were stylish and chic even by today’s standards.

If you’re curious to know what our homes might start to look like in 2019 and beyond, keep reading. (And while browsing the trends remember: it’s possible these trends could have an influence on interior decoration for the next couple of decades!)

We’ve found the biggest interior design styles & trends for 2019 that you’ll soon be seeing in a home, hotel or restaurant near you.

interior design trends 2019 skylights

#1 – Let there be light 

Natural light is always in fashion, but for 2019 we are seeing a resurgence in skylights which add an airy and spacious feel to any area.

Most likely coming to popularity as a counter-balance to the moody interior colours such as matt black and night watch green which have been popular interior design styles for a few years now, skylights come in a variety of types and sizes.

For instance, a direct skylight is like a window in the roof, while reflective tunnels can transfer the natural light to a spot further away from the skylight itself. 

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