How to Complement Your Interior Design with Lighting

lighting interior design
Interior designing the perfect space can be a complicated process. From the texture of the walls to the placement of furniture, there are a lot of decisions to make. Amidst all of these decisions, lighting often gets overlooked – which isn’t ideal given that lighting plays a big part in setting the feel of a space.

Experienced interior designers know that lighting, whether that’s ambient lights like pendant lights or simple natural light, can make or break the whole theme of your home. Therefore, it’s important to consider how you are going to handle lighting before deciding on any other aspects of the design.

Keep reading for 6 practical tips that will spruce up the lighting in your space.

#1 – Planning Is Everything

The key to using lights that complement your interior design is to have a plan beforehand. A lighting strategy of sorts will save you a lot of trouble in the future. So, before adding any lighting to a room, think about what the room will be used for. Is it a study or a bedroom, and, how do you want the room to feel like? Your answers will determine the lighting you are going to need. Obviously, bright lights help us feel alert, whereas softer lights create a relaxed atmosphere.

#2 – Use Ambient Lighting to Control Space

Strategically placed ambient lights like pendant lights can enhance the perception of a space. For instance, pendant lighting that is hung lower creates a perception of height. Similarly, uplighting is a great way to make small spaces feel larger. There are various ways you can control the ambience and the feel of your house. All you need is a plan and a little creativity.

#3 – Use Lighting As An Aid

Lighting isn’t only about aesthetics, it also plays a practical role. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to implement the same lighting for two areas that are meant for different purposes. For instance, if a room is intended for reading, then the lighting in that room should be directional. On the other hand, a kitchen needs a lighting solution that concentrates on the stove and the cabinets. So, think of lighting as an aid. The lighting in an area should help the activities that the space is meant for.

#4 – Lighting Can Help You Show Off

You probably have spent a lot of time and money designing the interior of your house, so why not show it off? Lighting (in particular spotlights or downlights) is the perfect way to show off the most impressive features of your house. For instance, spotlights can draw people’s attention to that fancy furniture or some architectural feature.

#5 – Use Lighting to Switch People’s Attention

You can guide your guests’ attention to feature points by using clever lighting. Whether it’s a collection of artful objects, a feature wall or a special piece of furniture you’d like to draw attention to, spotlights can help you do it. For instance, if you enjoy hosting dinner parties – draw attention to the dining table by concentrating the light on the table and use softer lights everywhere else.

#6 – Simplicity is Always the Right Approach

Finally, make sure that you don’t go overboard with new lighting. While 50 different light shades in a closed space sounds interesting, it is quite jarring to look at. Therefore, always strive for simplicity when implementing any type of interior design element. If you’re looking for further guidance, check out these helpful lighting tips and tricks articles.

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