5 Ways To Bring Your Personal Style Into Your Home

how to bring your personal style into your home 6
Here at Breakfast With Audrey we’re always talking about how our home is an extension of our personal style. It just seems fitting that our personal sanctuary reflects our style and aesthetic to a tee.

But if you’re not yet settled into your ‘forever home’, or perhaps you’re short on resources, it’s easy to disregard the look of your place and let it slide into a virtual dumping ground – something transient and unloved, a place that exists separately from you as an individual.

While it tends to be a slippery slope between not caring too much about your space, and obsessing over it, it’s important to find a balance by spending a little time and energy on creating a home that reflects who we are, and inspires us on a daily basis.

Because we are all a product of our environment, you may find that investing attention toward the look of your home pays off in ways you mightn’t expect. For instance, it may encourage you to hone your likes/dislikes. A clean, clutter-free space might help to increase your productivity, while keeping you on track to achieving your goals, and so forth. Even switching multiple sofas you have in your living room to a simpler 120 inch sectional sofa might help you reach a more clutter-free space.

For example, if fashion and style is important to you, or you dream of living a fashionable life, why not create a home that showcases your love of style while nurturing your creativity?

Here we’ve put together some tips to help transform your home into a reflection of your personal style. 

how to bring your personal style into your home

#1 – Clothes on show

If your personality and interests are largely defined by your love of fashion, then put this on show! Of course, hiding most of your clothes away in the wardrobe makes sense space-wise, but pulling out a few key pieces that “spark joy” is a great way to add flair to your space and set the tone for your aesthetic.

how to bring your personal style into your home

#2 – Declutter

While we’re on the topic of sparking joy, an apartment full of junk isn’t good news for anyone trying to level up their space. And it’s nearly impossible to show off your style via interior decor if you’re one of those people who keeps everything.

Keeping possessions for a rainy day is counterproductive to the art of decluttering, so bite the bullet and put as many unnecessary items into the recycling or rubbish as possible.

While letting go of clothes is hard, (especially when you think of the money spent and the memories attached to them), sometimes you just need to do it.

how to bring your personal style into your home

#3 – Draw from your creativity

So you’ve developed the skill to create a perfect outfit, and now it’s time to draw on this creativity to decorate your home. Perhaps you’re a master at mixing contrasting colours, or you have effortless minimalism down to a fine art.

Whatever your skill set when it comes to your personal style, draw from your talents and look for ways to transpose this into your space.

how to bring your personal style into your home

#4 – Incorporate books 

Another easy way to showcase your style at home is with books. From sumptuous coffee table tomes to stylish periodicals, there’s no doubt that adorning your home with carefully chosen books goes a long way to meshing your personal style and your home’s aesthetic together.

While having your favourite books fills space and forms a focal point, they also serve as constant inspiration which you can draw from – both subliminally and on purpose.

how to bring your personal style into your home

#5 – Remove unwanted things quickly

Last but not least, be disciplined enough to jump on any rubbish or recycling on the same day. If you love hosting dinner parties, or perhaps you work from home, the boxes and waste will quickly pile up around the home.

If you want to hire professional services to get rid of the waste and rubbish then visiting https://www.zerowastegroup.co.uk/portsmouth-rubbish-removal or local professionals in your area will be a great help.

There’s no better way to bring down the look and feel of your environment than by seeing a pile of rubbish or recycling sitting in the corner! So  visit site options like this one and book to keep your home totally waste-free.

For further inspiration on how to bring your personal style into the home, set up a Pinterest board and follow leading interior decoration accounts on Instagram such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and Apartment Therapy.

changing light fittings DIY

#6 Change The Lighting

The Light fixtures in a room make a dramatic first impression. Changing light fixtures are an extremely easy task. With some basic tools such as a screwdriver or cordless drill, you can easily remove the light and wire a new one into its place. By following some basic safety principles (making sure the electricity is off, first) you can radically transform your room with eye-catching light fixtures in a matter of minutes.

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