How to Give Your Bedroom A Luxurious Look For Less

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For most people, when it comes to designing their bedrooms, creating a luxury feeling is the goal! But what if you don’t have the luxury budget to match?

First up, don’t despair. The good news is, you can create a luxurious look and feel in any room of the house (bedroom included) and it needn’t mean springing for super high-end furnishings, and enlisting the help of an interior designer.

Like most things, the devil is in the details, and when you’re trying to create a luxury space, this adage certainly rings true. What makes a bedroom feel sophisticated is, for the most part, its in-depth details.

Keep reading to discover what details matter, and what elements you should focus on, if you’re trying to create a luxury bedroom style without breaking the budget.

8 tips to giving your bedroom a luxe look (without spending a fortune)

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#1 – Get A High-Quality Mattress

Despite being covered by sheets and pillows, the mattress is the un-sung star of every bedroom. As such, you need to get yourself a high-quality one. A good quality mattress is important for the aesthetic aspect, as well improving the quality of your sleep as well. There are a lot of luxury mattresses available such as Winkbed and Dreamcloud.

If you get overwhelmed by the sea of options, take the time to research and learn the features of each type. Although investing in a high-quality mattress might seem like the last thing you want to spend money on, think about the long-term benefits you can gain, and the fact they will give you that luxury hotel-like sleep at home.

#2 – Paint Your Walls In Style

Unless you’re going for a minimalist look, white walls can feel spartan and bare instead of luxurious and sophisticated. Add richness to your walls with wallpaper or choose a chic paint colour that will give your room a more designed, warmer look. When the furniture and other decors in your bedroom are pale, consider adding a rich, stylish, and contrasting paint to the walls.

#3 – Feature Beautiful Lighting

Whether it’s a table lamp, a ceiling fixture, or pendant lighting, glamorous lights boost the luxury factor in your bedroom. Consider a lamp or fixtures with a beautiful finish, such as crystals, glass, or gold. Or choose one with an unusual or oversized shape as these can help the bedroom seem more upscale. Adding a neon sign is a modern and individual way to add lighting to your room, and you can buy custom neon sign from many online stores.

#3 – Pick A Stylish Headboard

Choosing a luxurious and standout looking headboard is a foolproof way to amp up the glam factor in your bedroom. A standout headboard does not need to be costly, and you can actually make them yourself quite easily. However, for it to look luxurious, it must have a striking feature, so opt for an elegant fabric, an impressive height, a unique shape, or bold colour.

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#4 – Add Elegant Seating

If you have unused space beside a chest of drawers, near a window nook, or along your bed, think about adding some additional seating, either a bench or chair.

Practically, it’ll provide you a spot to read, sit, or to momentarily place some of your things. Aesthetically, adding extra seating is a styling trick. You’ll often see an artfully placed arm chair in boutique hotels or designer bedrooms, and this is an easy way to add a stylish design element to your space.

#5 – Give Your Bedside Table Some TLC

Nightstands (aka bedside tables) are quintessential elements of bedroom furniture. However, it’s easy to forget the aesthetics, and just opt for something in a practical and sensible style. Additionally, bedside tables tend to be a magnet for clutter and belongings.

First of all, declutter your bedside table and leave only the essential items (with the addition of perhaps a photo frame and a flower vase.)

Or, if feasible, change your current bedside table for one with an elegant, stylish, and luxe finish. Shagreen or mirrored finishes are an excellent option. Alternatively, opt for a piece with reflective hardware like brass or crystal.

#6 – Mirror-framed Bed Wall

One of the many tricks interior designers use is adding a bit of glam to a bedroom by placing a mirror on the wall behind any pendant light or lamp, or above each bedside table. This trick helps to bounce light around the room while creating the illusion of more space.

Consider choosing a mirror with a distinct detail, for example, an unusual shape or gilded finish. These design details emphasise a luxurious feeling in even the most average-looking bedroom.

#7 – Stack-On The Pillows

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to get a luxury look in a bedroom is via pillows – and lots of them! We’ve all seen photos of beautiful bedrooms with lots of throw pillows on the bed. The best way to do this is by mixing a selection of smaller and larger pillows. The rule of thumb to avoid a jammed pack look, is that all the pillows should not consume more than one-quarter of the bed length.

#8 – Plush Blanket

Another super easy and affordable way to elevate the look of any bedroom into a more luxurious style is by featuring a plush throw blanket. Whether made in a soft faux fur, mohair, cashmere, or another type of fabric, a plush blanket not only looks luxurious, it will feel amazing to snuggle into.

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