5 Simple, DIY Bedroom Upgrades Anyone Can do

diy bedroom upgrade


The bedroom is, for most of us, our sanctuary. It’s where we go at the end of every day to unwind and relax. With that said, how much do you actually like your bedroom?

Chances are there are a few things you’d like to change here and there, but you can never seem to find the time to get around to sorting them. And if you’re renting, making changes to your bedroom can be nearly impossible, as you have much less control over what can be changed.

Investing some time and care into our bedrooms can totally change the mood and aesthetic of the room. So, whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, there are some ways you can upgrade your bedroom that don’t require any big budgets or approvals from landlords.

Here are 5 simple DIY bedroom upgrade ideas anyone can do!

diy bedroom upgrade - velvet headboard

#1 – Update your headboard

Nothing says ‘luxury’ quite like a well-upholstered bed, but unfortunately, these come with an equally pretty price tag to match. If you don’t mind a project, then why not make your own?

There are plenty of handy guides online for building your own headboard, and making one is actually easier than you think. With only a few simple tools, you can create the effect of a luxury headboard, without the luxury price tag. Places like RS Components have the measuring tools you need which will help you to get everything right (the first time round).

If you’re loving the maximalism look that’s trending in interior design now, then padded headboards are a stylish way to update what would otherwise be a bare space in the bedroom. Made with a textured material such as velvet, this will also add comfort and warmth to the room.

Starting your DIY bedroom upgrade with a feature headboard gives you the chance to work on layering your bedroom with other materials and accessories as you go.

#2 – Upcycle 

There’s a huge trend for upcycling at the moment, with a push on re-purposing previously unloved items. Not only does this help reduce mass-made, cheap furniture from being created in the first place, it also prevents reliable and good furniture from being thrown away for no reason.

Plus, upcycling furniture gives you total creative control to paint or style these pieces however you want.

Take a look around what you already have, as you might already own a great piece of furniture that’s just waiting to be transformed! Alternatively, head to your nearest vintage furniture retailer, charity shop or market, where you’ll be sure to find some great furniture pieces in need of a little TLC.

Often, all that’s needed is some sanding down and a fresh lick of paint to give these pieces a new lease of life.

diy bedroom upgrade - plants

#3 – Potted plants and terrariums

All the fanciest pieces of furniture in the world don’t make up for the effect of having a living, breathing plant or flower pot in your room. There is so much to be said for decorating with potted plants – and the good news is, this is one of the easiest and cheapest methods to update any space.

Whether you opt for succulents, large floor plants, ferns, or flowers, bringing greenery into a room will instantly transform the room from drab to enchanting. While not exactly the same as the real, living thing, you can always turn to artificial flowers if you’re short on time and money and want to get the effect of beautiful blooms without the hassle. 

If space is an issue, consider attaching smaller pots or planters to your walls, to create a miniature living wall of sorts. If you can’t hang anything on your wall, get yourself a glass vessel of some kind, some stone, potting soil, pebbles and plants and create your own terrarium.

diy bedroom upgrade - beauty bench

#4 – Add a beauty station

For many of us, space is the biggest limiting factor when it comes to our bedrooms. However, fear not, as there is yet another way you can add a little touch of luxury without splashing the cash.

Installing a “beauty station” may seem extravagant, but in reality, it’s little more than installing a wide shelf at about hip level to the wall, which will give you a small vanity area.

Simply hang a mirror from the wall and buy, (or upcycle), a stylish chair to tuck under, and you’ll have the perfect beauty station. If you’re able to hang some lighting around the mirror, you will have yourself the ultimate backstage-style beauty station of your dreams.

diy bedroom upgrade - fairy lights

#5 – Wall of fairy lights

If you’re looking for something a little easier, fairy lights are always a quick fix. (They’re ideal for draping around the mirror at your beauty station – see above). Fairy lights are readily available from many online stores.

Another way to bring fairy lights into your bedroom is by installing them to cascade down a wall. You can either hang them behind the bed in lieu of a bedhead, or on a plain wall. One way to do it is by installing a curtain pole horizontally above the bed or on the wall), and then hang the lights so that they fall vertically down.

For a finishing touch, pick up some inexpensive net curtains or drapes to hang over the top of the bed. The effect is a dreamy and cosy atmosphere in your room – perfect for relaxing after a long day, or curling up with a good book.


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