Ride In Style: How To Design The Car of Your Dreams

customise your car

Sure, anybody can go and buy a new car fresh of the showroom floor – but what’s the fun in that? Customising a classic car with your own personal touches is not only a satisfying project, it’s a great way to express your personal style.

You’ve been saving for what feels like forever, researching and checking car listing sites daily – but you’ve finally done it. You’ve tracked down (and bought!) the car of your dreams. It’s a great feeling and a real achievement.

But – as it turns out, it’s not the fanciest or the newest car on the market by a long shot. In fact, maybe it’s a couple of decades old. Huh?

That’s right, you’ve bought a classic car – the car of your dreams. A car that throws comfort and safety to the kerb because, aesthetics. Despite everyone questioning your sanity, this car is something you love, and you’ll be filled with excitement and pride every time you hop into it.

Your new dream car might seem pretty perfect as it is, however, if you want to take things a step further and personalise your new ride to make it even better, here are a few ways you can go about it.

4 Ways To Create The Car Of Your Dreams

customise your car 3

#1 – Re-cover the seats

A nice new interior will make any car look even more special, you could keep it classic with tan leather, or stand out from the crowd and choose your favourite colour. No matter whether the car needs some TLC or you just want to add your own design touches to it, recovering the seats will have a huge effect on the look and feel of the vehicle.

If you are buying a vintage car, then buying one in need of re-upholstering will give you a lot of leverage when it comes to negotiating on price. (Even though you plan to recover the seats, the seller doesn’t need to know that!). 

customise your car

#2 – Consider custom colour

We think nothing of colouring our hair into our dream shade, so why not re-colour our car? Sure, custom paint jobs aren’t cheap, however, nothing will elevate the look of a classic car more than a fresh, shiny exterior. And if you’ve bought a car that is rare, chances are you’ve had to pick it up in a less than ideal colour.

A gorgeous shade on a rare or classic car is the icing on the cake in terms of aesthetics. In addition to custom painting, vinyl car wrapping is an option – so do some research and see what your options are. There are plenty of options from Prestige Cars guide in classic and luxury styles, if you need more inspiration visit their site to learn more.

customise your car customise your car

#3 – Upgrade the on-board tech

Chances are that your dream car is a classic, or just a little older, meaning the technology is lacking. These days, we all want to be able to bluetooth songs to our cars, use in- built satellite navigation and more.

You could either purchase a sat nav or device with everything you need included, or you could look into having a system built into the car. Remove the old radio for example and fit in a modern screen giving you everything you need at the touch of a button.

Not only will these changes make the car easier and more comfortable to drive, they could make it safer too. (Always remember to get help from a car crash lawyer if you happen to be in an accident – they will help you get the right level of compensation.)

customise your car

#4 – Consider smaller changes

While everyone knows that refurbishing older cars can be a money pit, there are some less expensive ways to upgrade your ride. Ideas include having the alloy wheels refurbished, or getting some personalised plates. Older paint work can still be acceptable if the car is kept clean and polished, or perhaps you can invest in some new chrome work around the front and back, and adding some accessories as well

Either way, the decision to buy a classic car – rather than a new one, will raise some eyebrows, and you have to be prepared for some unexpected costs along the way. But for those who want more than a cookie-cutter car, or who want to express their personal style in a big way, then refurbishing a classic car is both satisfying and exciting.

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