Work: How To Balance A Business With Your Wellbeing

how to balance a business with your wellbeing
“Work-life balance” is something we know we should strive for, but very few of us know how to achieve it.

And, if you’re an entrepreneur, then the notion of work-life balance tends to become even less attainable. People spend so much time focusing on the sleepless nights and sacrifices needed for success that they forget that finding a balance is a vital part of success itself.

How then, do you balance your business and your wellbeing simultaneously? In essence, it’s about tapping into the right tools and the network around you, while you become more mindful of where your time goes.

Here are some tips when it comes to balancing a business with your wellbeing.

how to balance a business with your wellbeing 2

#1 – Use a timetable

When you have a timetable, it’s far easier to manage your time and make sure you’re allocating space for self-care. It also makes it possible to see how your time is being spent work-wise, which can help boost your productivity levels. Timetables will also help you identify any areas where you could use automation. (This could include automating appointments or social media posts, for example.)

#2 – Hire a consultant

Often, the idea of figuring things on your own is glorified. However, if you can save yourself time and money in the process of trying to demystify the business world, why not do it? As an entrepreneur, hiring a consultant could put you steps ahead and help relieve some stress. You should make sure that you use a reputable small business consultant that has experience in your industry.

#3 – Build an A-Team

Surrounding yourself with the right team of people will help make your work burden lighter. Find competent individuals who supplement the gaps in your skill-set and who can help run the business with you.

The hiring process then, is a crucial aspect of developing your business. When hiring, it’s clearly imperative to check that the candidates’ skills and experience match the needs of the business, but a cultural-fit is important too. That is, try to find people who’s outlook and values reflect that of you and your brand.

Once you have a strong team in place, make sure each person knows the importance of their role and what is expected. It’s important to spend time educating your colleagues on how they’re contributing to bringing the overall vision to life.

To build a strong team, it’s essential to create a system of communication that works; and building strong work relationships will help break down any barriers which could be preventing people from working well with one another.

#4 – Use technology wisely

When used correctly, technology is a great way to help balance your business and wellbeing. There are plenty of ways technology can help you save time and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so get conversant with using the stock control software and tools available. Luckily, many of the best online tools and apps have free access for small enterprise, allowing you to utilise their platforms to your advantage. Ultimately, technology is a clever way to help streamline your business and make it more efficient.

#5 – Lock in for recharging

Just as you schedule days for work and meetings, it’s a good idea to include time for your wellbeing on your timetable as well. On such days, be sure to shut away from emails, work, and distractions so that you can fully recharge. Spend time doing things that make you feel good and make you feel at peace. You can also take such days and use them to get checkups, workout, and check in with your mental health.

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