Prāz Naturals: Skincare That’s Good Enough To Eat

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When it comes to skincare, it’s easy to feel bombarded by the many options we are presented with every day. A seemingly infinite amount of time may be spent researching and selecting products. From food to body care, the choices are endless…

When Sasha Nialla began her first steps in starting skincare line Prāz Naturals, she had already devoted hours and hours to researching products and ingredients. She didn’t know she would be making her first steps into a career change as Founder & CEO of Prāz Naturals.

We caught up with Sasha to learn more about her skincare philosophy, her journey, and why ‘all-natural’ is a non-negotiable in beauty.

Says Sasha:

“After 15 years as an advertising photographer, I decided to make the move into skincare. I wanted to apply my skills to something that is more useful to people on a personal level. Already having a network of friends and beauty professionals interested in my small batch oils was invaluable in starting Prāz. And then Prāz Naturals and my first child, Lula, were born. At the core of Prāz is the idea that we can simply, healthily, and sustainably care for our skin.”

“I never used a ton of product or makeup. I attribute this tilt toward minimalism due to teachings from a young age. My mother is French and a bit of a caricature of the elegant French woman. As a young girl I can remember being by her side each morning, together we would get ready for the day. Her routine mostly included washing, moisturising, and pulling her hair back. In addition living an outdoor lifestyle, learning about gardening, and caring for the planet was a big part of my upbringing in California. I have always been mixing my own oils from food grade ingredients and rejecting name brands – packed with carcinogens.”

Prāz products are formulated without synthetic ingredients, fillers, or parabens. If you look at their ingredient labels, you will find the list to be short and simple.

“We list every ingredient we put into our bottles in plain language. We want you to know exactly what you are getting. Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world in small batches from organic farmers we trust. Every ingredient in Prāz is an active ingredient. What this means in addition to not having additives is that we don’t use fillers. Our products are highly concentrated and packed with vitamins and nourishment for the skin.”

And at the core of the  brand, is a commitment to quality. All ingredients are 100% natural, food grade, fresh and organic. Another unique aspect of Prāz is the packaging. Every product is bottled in a sleek, dark black, luxurious glass container. The glass itself looks almost like a pool of ink and is cool to the touch.

“I could go on and on about why we package our product in Biophotonic Glass aka UV Miron Violet Glass. I am obsessed. Even if the main function of these bottles wasn’t to enhance the quality of our ingredients by the use of ultraviolet light, I’d still choose it for its look. UV Miron Violet Glass packaging is our way of ensuring freshness after it leaves our hands and enters homes of consumers.”

Sasha’s Favourite Prāz Products

cranberry-detox-mask (1)
Cranberry Detox Mask – Face Mask To Brighten Acne Prone Skin.

Restore Your Glow. $45

face-revive-oil (1)

Face Revive Oil – Anti Aging With Tamanu Oil.

For Youthful Radiant Skin. $60

active-hydration-serum (1)

Active Hydration Serum (Marula Oil + Rosehip Oil)

Elixir of Youth. $45


For more information on Prāz skincare, and to shop the range, visit Prāz Naturals.


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