Green Foods-Inspired Skincare For Radiance & Instant Glow

We’re all familiar with the benefits of Green foods for our health (they contain high counts of antioxidants and can serve as an effective detox system.) But now vegan-friendly skincare company HERBS + HEART have taken the benefits of green foods, and formulated a concept of ‘food for the skin’.

Their well-considered range is beautifully handcrafted, and made with premium natural ingredients in Australia. Formulated by skincare artisans, the brand aims to simplify, balance, and restore skin to a state of happiness by blending together the best of Mother Nature in a bottle. 

Boasting a chemical-free philosophy, HERBS + HEART is against the harmful toxins in mass market beauty products.

The brand advocates replacing complicated skincare routines with a simplistic multi-purpose range of skincare powered by organic fruit and plant extracts and natural botanicals.

HERBS + HEART call this: ‘Sophisticated Simplification’.

Their latest release is a two-step skincare regime to add instant radiance and glow to the face.

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#1 – HERBS + HEART Elixir ($28 RRP) 

This serum is considered a morning staple by awakening tired skin, enriching it with  antioxidants and vitamins, and providing an instant glow.  A light serum designed to rescue dull, stressed skin, the Elixir is the perfect go-to in the morning when your skin needs some extra pampering. Its light texture glides on smoothly and melts into the skin due to its light, water-based formulation.

Containing green coffee bean enzymes, avocado fatty acids, and moisture-balancing jasmine, this serum is designed to fight free radical damage, relieve puffiness and minor pigmentation, stimulate elastin and add hydration.  

Editor’s Note: This product feels like an instant injection of organic nutrients onto the face. I’m particularly loving the inclusion of natural gold mica particles into the product, which adds a natural glow and radiance straight away. With a natural scent that remains delicate, this is a luxurious-feeling serum that is noticeably without synthetics.

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#2 – HERBS + HEART Aloe Whip ($29.99 RRP)

This luxurious moisturiser is whipped to a smooth consistency for a silky application. This product is designed for people who prefer creamier consistencies. 

Containing naturally occurring aloe, the moisturiser provides a solid base for vitamins C and E, including beta carotene, to improve the skin’s firmness and hydration.

The inclusion of oats not only gives the moisturiser a delicious vanilla muesli scent, but serves as a protective film – fortifying the skin’s natural UV barrier and sealing in moisture. It has been designed this way to allow the serum and other active ingredients to deeply penetrate and continually nourish the skin throughout the day. 

Editor’s Note: I love the super soft, velvety finish of this moisturiser. Skin feels instantly nourished, hydrated and supple – even during the depths of winter. This moisturiser is quickly absorbed, and provides a suitable base for makeup. The scent is wholesome and appealing, without being sweet or overpowering.

HERBS + HEART are cruelty-free with a range of vegan-friendly products. Offering fully recyclable glass packaging & locally sourced ingredients from ethical and environmentally conscious suppliers, HERBS + HEART ensures its commitment to planet earth while not sacrificing on a stylish, luxe image.

HERBS + HEART is available nationwide at:


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