How To Make Your Bedroom A Better Place To Recharge

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The bedroom is meant to be a place of rest and relaxation but like other areas in our lives, over time it can become disorderly and no longer serve us as well as it should.

There are some simple steps you can take to restore your bedroom back to its former glory.

These changes may seem small but sometimes all it takes is a few minor changes to make a big difference in our environment and routine.  Your bedroom is the most important place for personal space and rest so it is definitely worth making it the best place it can be!

Click through to get inspired about making your bedroom a better place to recharge.

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#1 – Reconsider your décor

It might seem homely to fill your bedroom with little knick knacks, stacks of pictures and those ridiculous souvenirs you bought on your last trip abroad but all that extra clutter does not make for a peaceful environment. Consider other locations in your house where some of these items can go, pack them away or pass them on.

Keeping out only a few of your favourite things will still provide those warm and fuzzies without overcrowding your physical and mental space. (And it bears noting, that if you don’t have a great mattress it’s time to consider upgrading to a memory foam mattress. These babies will serve you well over time and will allow you to get the sleep you need!)

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#2 – The 5-minute tidy

The last thing you feel like doing right before bed is cleaning, but if you set a timer for 5 minutes or play one song and do a quick tidy, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done.

It’s much more relaxing to go to bed in a neat room and it’s also easier to wake up in the morning in a space that is ready for a fresh start.

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#3 – Minimise electronics

In this day and age it is extremely difficult to let go of technology enough to have a bedroom be a completely electronic free zone so start small.

Don’t allow laptops in the bedroom or place your phone somewhere in the room that isn’t right next to your bed.

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#4 – Mix up your lighting source

Overhead lighting can be harsh and keep you in day time mode so as it gets later in the evening switch to a lamp or two.

Similar to cutting down screen time before bed this will start to get your brain ready to wind down and drift off to sleep.

#5 – Improving the air quality in your bedroom

Because of the air pollution caused in major cities today, it becomes difficult to get a good, long sleep. People keep waking up during their sleep causing an increase in fatigue and stress.

According to sleep.Ihg an air purifier helps with this particular problem. Some people prefer an air purifier for large rooms, so that the air quality in the room remains good.

#6 – Increasing the negative ions in your room

Negative Ions increase the flow of oxygen to your brain which relieves stress and enhances mental energy. Every house has a natural negative ion generator i.e the shower, but due to high positive ions, they are ineffective.

Room air circulation, heat and humidity, the proximity of grounded devices that may emit positive ions, It therefore depends on us to reduce the positive ions in our rooms to get better sleep.


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