Walking Down The Apple Isle? Tips For Wedding Venues In Hobart

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Planning for a wedding and celebrating the big day is among the most notable milestones a couple shares. Each person wants the details of the day to represent them as individuals, while reflecting the feelings that brought them together in the first place. One of the most major ways to do this is via the choice of venue.

Weddings are a dreamy and romantic beginning to a couple’s life story that they will share with each generation. Where your marriage officially begins, that story will become especially important to your children and your grandchildren.

While some people put less thought into the location for the ceremony, and instead put time and consideration into minor details like the centerpiece on the reception table, these are things you will forget with the passage of time. However, the venue is important to set the tone for the style of wedding and determine the course of events. From that decision, the other details will fall in line more easily.

If you’re planning on walking down the Apple Isle – otherwise known as Tasmania, then choosing from the many wedding venues, Hobart, will be top of your agenda. Hobart is naturally stunning, with many places that aim to provide the most value for your budget.

Make sure to check many options before committing to the final choice. In doing so, you will have more of your budget for a photographer, the gown, seating for the guests, and the design, which will help make the day memorable and allow your loved ones to share in those memories.

wedding venues hobart

What To Consider When Searching For Wedding Venues In Hobart

As mentioned, the venue is a big consideration when getting married anywhere. It’ll lay the foundations for the overall tone with each detail based on the setting you have chosen, including the bride’s gown, the guests’ attire, the design and layout of the space, and perhaps even the place setting cards for the reception.

Whilst the place where you hold the ceremony is certainly critical, it’s just one component among many. Some factors to consider with a Hobart venue include:

What Will You Spend?

Weddings are never very budget-friendly, but the space you choose doesn’t have to be the most expensive available to be the best. Ideally, you should develop a budget and stick to it.

No matter what you plan to spend however, you’ll find many spaces in Hobart that strive to provide great value for your budget. Before you set out to look at places, decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding and what you hope for in the package.

If you have a specific number of guests you’re committed to inviting, you’ll need a facility to hold that capacity. That means a package with adequate space and, if you intend to keep the reception where you have the ceremony, you’ll need a dining area and space for entertainment and dancing.

Is The Space Available On Your Day?

If you find a space that you feel is special, you can rest assured many brides will feel the same and are probably attempting to book the same place as you are! That means you should book far enough in advance to keep it secure for your chosen day.

With some venues, when you plan far enough ahead, they will offer help with preparations. For off season in Hobart you may be able to get extra perks and things thrown in – simply ask the venue what they can offer you and take it from there.

Wedding Package Offerings

Places like hotels that host weddings or events will usually offer packages. Some offer to set up an entire theme for the ceremony according to your specific requests. Some of the more elaborate options will give discounts on rates for rooms if guests choose to stay – some with a room service credit, complimentary bottles of wine, free parking etc.

If you choose an evening wedding – say at a remote beach, then it’ll probably be necessary to ensure that your guests have appropriate accommodations for the night if they want it. That means searching for a more sophisticated package with all of the inclusions. It also will involve, again, booking well in advance of your wedding date to make sure that everyone’s needs can be catered for.

Privacy Matters

Marrying your partner for most people is a very personal, intimate affair that no one wants to share with anyone other than the close family and friends they choose to invite to the ceremony. While some couples choose to have an outdoor event either in a garden, park, beach, or other equally picturesque space, they still hope for privacy in these venues.

Onlookers love weddings and will insinuate themselves into the ceremony without permission. Some stop to watch and then clap at the end from afar. If you’re in a setting where the establishment owns the beach or garden or another type of outdoor space, hopefully, there will be less of this kind of intrusion – if the business has anything to say about it.

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