Winter Style: Top Tricks To Transform Your Style Game This Winter

winter style

WINTER STYLE: As the days grow shorter and the temperatures plummet for yet another trip around the sun, it’s time to pull those winter wardrobe items out of storage. Though the weather may be dull, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be.

How do you stay warm this season without completely compromising your style? And, how do you achieve this without spending this month’s rent on a trendy item that will be outdated in a month or two?

Here we’re talking tips and tricks to transform your wardrobe in a few subtle ways, that’ll have you looking stylish any day of the week, (or season of the year).

Keep reading for the best winter style tips to look effortlessly stylish this season

winter style

Winter style tip #1 – Expand your brand ‘horizon’

It’s fantastic to have brands that you know and love, but when you find yourself in a personal style rut, it’s time to look beyond your comfort zone. This is especially true for winter dressing as it’s so easy to fall into the same repetitive outfit traps day after day, week after week.

There are plenty of incredible Australian sustainable fashion brands that will not only provide you with the unique pieces you need for winter, they’ll help you support the right initiatives too.

Sustainable fashion brands are popping up all around the country with some of the coolest creations coming out of Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.

So, rather than opting for disposable fast fashion as your go-to, looking into sustainable brands that ethically produce their products and source higher-quality fabrics, means you won’t need to keep replacing your wardrobe anywhere near as often.

#2 – Find Your Personal Style

The tip of finding your personal style, or “uniform”, has been a fashion mainstay for stylish insiders, but this doesn’t mean simply finding a neutral style skeleton with which to layer upon.

Instead, use this winter to develop an understanding of the silhouettes you feel best in. For example, when we get dressed in the morning and are unhappy with the outfit we’ve put together, it’s not usually down to individual pieces, but rather how they sit on us and make us feel.

Perhaps you feel better in a higher waisted, voluminous bottom, with a tighter more cropped shape up top? Or maybe you’re all about exaggerated sleeves or oversized pieces? Regardless of what it is, once you understand what silhouette makes you feel best, shopping for new items and getting dressed each day becomes considerably easier.

How stylish you appear has a lot to do with your confidence, so work on ways to achieve this feeling this winter. Once you have this tip down pat, it’ll be simple to pick the right items and feel great every day.

#3 – Become An Outfit Repeater

The idea of being an outfit repeater has become a fear in many people’s sartorial lives. To be seen as cool or stylish, many feel they have to be seen in new outfits every time, especially with the influence and pressure of social media.

However, the most stylish people know how to wear their clothes really well – after all, if it can be worn three ways, it stays (in your closet that is).

Rather than opting for new and trendy items, find pieces that you truly love that will move with you each season and transcend the trend cycle. A great example of this is the leather jacket, there are several different cuts, be it the blazer, the moto or the bomber to name a few.

Once you find the cut that flatters you, you can wear it to endless different occasions. Leather jackets can be worn casually or dressed up, and when looked after properly, it’ll last you years – ageing like a fine wine.

But, your classic pieces don’t have to be core items. Though colourful or patterned pieces are likely to be more trendy, if they speak to you then wear them, and continue to do so long after the trend fades.

It’s all about wearing what you love, staying true to your personal style, and finding new and fun ways to style your favourite items. 

#4 – For winter style that doesn’t cost a fortune, rent it!

If you really need to dress up this winter but you want to be more mindful with your purchasing or can’t justify splashing the cash on a one-time wonder, then renting is the way to go.

Even a few years ago, renting outfits wasn’t what it is today, offering a much smaller pool than what you could purchase. Today, you can rent anything from purses to princess-esque gowns, and everything in between.

Renting not only gives you the opportunity to create a high-low mix with luxe items mixed with your daily rotation,  it gives you the chance to test drive an investment piece to see if it’s really worth the indulgent price tag. So shake up your winter wardrobe with luxe staples like designer coats and accessories, and feel the difference. 

#5 – Elevate your winter style with accessories 

Though it may seem like a cliche, accessories really do make an outfit more unique. With all the great coats, boots and layering on offer,  winter is the season you want to look fashion-forward. But, thanks to the harsh winds and cold temperatures, you sometimes you have to prioritise function over style.

How can you get the best of both worlds and still look put together? Opt for foundation pieces such as a basic button-down, or quality sweater, add a scarf in your favourite colour or print and add a pair of luxe gloves and boots.

And of course, adorn your ears, hands and neck with jewellery. With jewellery it’s all about doing you. Opt for a minimalist approach with a few touches of silver or gold, or take the more is more approach with a statement necklace or earring moment.

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