6 Great Ways to Update Your Home Today


At some point, you might have felt a lack of inspiration or satisfaction with your home’s interiors. You’ve probably even tried several trends which have dated, or you’ve got a wall colour that feels more tacky than timeless.

No matter the reason, we all want to freshen up our home with inspiring and new updates every now and again. But unfortunately, your budget might not be as big as your motivation for change.

Nevertheless, there are several updates can do which will make a great difference without the need to spend a lot of money.

Keep reading for 6 ways you can update your home today!


#1 – Upgrade the ‘Accessories’

Older homes have dated hardware that brings down the whole look of the space. You’ll be surprised by how much of an effect these minor details can make – think of it in the same way as switching up a pair of earrings to completely change the feel of an outfit.

It’s so easy to replace old cupboard and door fixtures with new ones to give your home a fresh and new appearance. The best thing about this project is that it is super easy, and you can handle it by yourself over a weekend.

#2 – Update the Windows 

Windows are often overlooked. Many people have a hard time determining which style will suit their home best, meaning they give up entirely and leave their windows bare – or just install a simple (boring) blind. But it doesn’t need to be this way!

Like the example above, when it comes to enhancing your windows, think of it as you would add a scarf or a jacket to an outfit. Windows have the potential to add flair and a big aesthetic quality to your home. You can dress your windows to reflect your taste and style perfectly. You can also opt for new and stylish window installations from Mighty Dog Roofing.

#3 – Tidy up ‘behind the scenes’

While the aesthetics of your home are super-important, so are things like making sure there are no cracks or unsightly gaps poking out around the place.

To tackle this task, sealants are used to fill openings and cracks and, at the same time, seal joints. They offer a strong barrier to gas, smoke, dust, noise, moisture, and water.

While they cost a tiny fraction compared to bigger renovation tasks, adding sealants are vital for things like waterproofing. And, if you’re going to be re-paining, they will help you to achieve a smooth finish.

#4 – Update the Fireplace

If you own an older house, you might have a brick fireplace. These have the potential to make a space feel heavy and dark. If so, you can refresh the area with some lighter paint and brighten the room at the same time.

Painting over a fireplace is one of the easiest projects to handle. Alternatively, you can limewash or whitewash your brick fireplace and maintain some of its original characteristics.

Limewashed/whitewashed bricks over paint works really well for farmhouse and coastal-style spaces. This is because the colour of these fireplace variations looks more natural, and this painting method allows the bricks to shine through.

#5 – Adorn the Walls

Another tried and tested way to update your home is to adorn the walls. Combining something modern with something vintage gives an eclectic look that is truly your own. You can achieve this by adding antique frames to modern art or putting a classic piece in a modern frame.

You may as well think outside the box by experimenting with floater frames, gallery wraps, or stacked frames. This gives a twist to something elegant and timeless.

#6 – Boost ‘Curb Appeal’

If you live in a freestanding home or townhouse, then the exterior of your home is also very important. This is especially true if you’re thinking of selling, as it’s the first impression that potential homebuyers will see and it helps increase home value.

The best way to boost the appeal of your exterior is to paint the walls of your house, front door, and everything outside. You might also want to consider adding new greenery and cleaning the walkways.

Final thoughts

If your home looks tired, giving it a little TLC will work wonders to spruce up its appearance. In general, maintaining your home regularly will save you cash by avoiding major renovations.

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