How To Create An Artsy Look In Your Home

how to create an artsy look in your home

Artsy homes are all over instagram – it’s hard to miss the slew of posts with quirky sofas, oversized sculptures and bold wall decorations popping up on your feed. It may have looked unusual to you at first, but now you want it for your own home, stat. Keep reading for all the tips and inspiration you need.

Most of us who enjoy interior design and architecture and who spend time enhancing the aesthetic of our home have the same goal: to live in a beautiful space that would look right at home in one of the leading interior design publications – of course!

For design-lovers, it’s an excellent aim to set for yourself. But for most people, real life gets in the way and creating the space of your dreams can become a little compromised.

How can we get that on-trend look and feel in our home here in the real world, where things pile up, kids are kids, cables are a necessary evil, and there’s simply no opportunity to keep things looking perfectly photogenic?

how to create an artsy look in your home

How to Achieve an Artsy Look for Your Home

If you’re already lucky enough to have an interior with great design elements, then you are halfway there. However, you still need to know how to feature your existing pieces to achieve an artsy vibe. (Or, if you’re still looking for your new artsy home, you can check out a few here.)

For example, your colour scheme could be classic black and white, which is a fashionable, yet traditional, combination. An artistic rug or a selection of sculptural cushions on the sofa can bring in bursts of colour and a creative touch.

However, of all the elements you can have, a feature light is arguably the most striking. A modern or traditional chandelier is like a piece of indoor jewellery. Feature lights can make even the blandest room like something out of the pages of a magazine.

#1 – Start with art

Who doesn’t enjoy the look of a huge piece of art hanging in their living room? Original paintings, even by lesser-known painters, may however, leave a hole in your wallet.

You could instead buy special edition prints of stunning artworks by renowned painters or put up canvas art prints, which will accentuate your space just as much as furniture and other decorations.

Whether you opt for modern abstract designs or photography, this is an easy way to make your home look like a creative haven. High-quality prints, which are often created by using the serigraphy method, have a feeling that is extremely close to that of paintings and photos and thus appear magnificent.

#2 – Create a photo wall

Many of us enjoy displaying personal photos throughout our homes, but they frequently end up on side tables within a photo frame which is lovely – but basic.

Instead, why not build a photo wall by hanging some of your favourite images from your highlight reel? Use bold frames of various sizes to create fascinating collages to cover a wide wall in a stairwell, study, or bedroom.

#3 – Incorporate art into entertaining

If you love entertaining, then what better way to make your home artsy from top to toe than with gorgeous and creative serving ware, such as plates, coffee cups, glassware, napkins, tablecloths, candles and much more.

As you incorporate art into your space, remember to choose items that align with your personality. If you are environmentally conscious and prefer something that blends style and function, then the bubble candle will be ideal for your home. When entertaining, something like this adds to the overall vibe and, more importantly, reveals a bit about your personality.

Whatever you choose, try to make it functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Choose pieces aren’t simply useful to serve snacks and beverages to your guests, they can also be used as decorative elements when not being used, and vice versa.

#4 –  Make a Collection of Souvenirs Out of Your Trips

When you visit a new city or country, make the souvenirs arty ones. Instead of bulking up on the mass-produced junk available everywhere, take home some handmade or unique items from the destination.

This could be sculptures or carvings, utensils, or even a small piece of furniture. Simply include them in your décor by hanging them on the walls, putting them in a closet, or putting them on a long table. The options for what you can bring home to remind you of your trips are endless.

how to create an artsy look in your ho

#5 – Small Furniture with a Big Impression

While primary furniture items (beds, couches) are pricey, adding smaller, decorative furniture such as side tables, a tiny console, or a unique chair, is an easy way to elevate your décor. Decorative furniture such as a side cabinet in a contemporary living room can bring contrast.

Ornamental furniture should generally have a distinguishing characteristic, ie a stylised design, brilliant colours, or be hand-painted for example, to add genuine aesthetic value to your space.

#6- Books As Decorative Items

Attractive display books are really a terrific way to improve the décor in the home and set the vibe for what you are about. When piled together or arranged in an artful way, large books with magnificent covers look fantastic in any room.

#7 – Make a Colourful or Patterned Statement

Painting an entire room can be costly and also a bit of a gamble, but adding colour or pattern to a section of a room can appear incredibly creative while being relatively inexpensive. Wainscotting is an interior wall décor idea that will add wow factor to your living room.

#8 – Use Antique Curios and Artefacts

Antique shops and markets are treasure mines of rare historical relics that not only give aesthetic value to any house, they also provide heritage and a tale.

Whether it be war artefacts, ancient typewriters, antique sewing machines, or unusual toys, these are just a few examples. Adding one of these types of item to a room may completely transform your space, and you can often get them for very low prices at vintage stores and thrift shops.

#9 – Think Beyond the Box When It Comes to Art

Paintings and photos are often the first thing that comes to mind if we need to adorn the walls. However, there are endless possibilities to you can use that are inexpensive and effective.

A beautiful aesthetic mirror, an elaborate hanging, intriguing old maps or posters – any of these and more might be ideal for adding an artsy feeling to your space.

#10 – Search for the Handmade 

Lastly, consider incorporating more handcrafted items into your home. This guarantees your place will never look generic and it will always have a creative mood about it. Whenever anyone walks into your house, they’ll notice that one-of-a-kind bowl or that unusual-looking chair, and be curious to learn more about it.

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