How To Make Your Small House Feel Bigger

You’re not imagining it, your home is smaller. Did you know that in Australia, there has been a gradual decline of home floor space from 602 square metres to 467 square metres over the past fifteen years?

A small living space can be tricky to live with. From feelings of always being cluttered to having to do away with purchasing things you love, if you lack the ability to maximise a small space, it can quickly become a source of frustration.

If you live in a small house, these tips can help you create more space and feel more comfortable at home.

how to make a small home feel big

#1 – Maximise vertical space

The exciting thing about small homes is that you still have vertical space to play with. Usually, when people fret about their small home spaces, their focus is more on floor space and layout.

However, it’s easy to forget the vertical space, especially walls. You can opt for vertical storage that lifts the eye off the ground and creates more spacious floor areas.

According to experts, if you decide to use vertical space, you will need to purchase furniture that is closer to the ground. Confused? Essentially, the furniture in your living room, bedrooms, and other indoor areas should be deliberately lower in height to give the room a more open appearance.

What else can you do with your vertical space? Installing hanging plants, wall art and shelves are ways you can free up your floor space.

#2 – Reorganise shoes in a cramped closet

A closet in an already small space can take up more room than you realise. The reason is, the closet has a purpose and therefore appears like an essential area of the home. When you live in a small house though, you may want to see things differently.

Instead of tucking your shoes away in an already cramped closet, you can try shoe storage cabinets from Tylko. These furniture pieces come in various designs and can be tailor-made to fit any space. 

#3 – Use hideaway or multipurpose furniture pieces

If some of your furniture pieces are creating clutter, you can find pieces that can be hidden away. An example is the hideaway desk, which is best used for organising small spaces.

Another example is the Murphy bed, or pull out wall bed. These furniture pieces are excellent in small spaces because they give you much-needed functionality in little to no space.

Of course, if you are not so keen on hideaway items, you can always go for multipurpose furniture instead. For example, a study unit with an attached bookshelf will solve the problem of having to buy separate furniture. Or a couch with built-in storage means you can easily store bulky items like bedding and pillows. In effect, you can save money and space simultaneously.

#4 – Corners are space-saving 

You can use the corner space in your small home for more than a workspace. For example, you can include a series of shelves for storage of books or knick-knacks. While often overlooked, they save you a great amount of floor space which will open up the room to create the feel of a bigger area.

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