How To Monetise Your Travel Blog For Beginners

how to monetise travel blog
The world is gradually getting back to the usual way of travelling, though some restrictions and difficulties still exist. If you love travel (who doesn’t) and want to share your experience with others, then travel blogging for beginners might just be the ticket.

Travel blogging is great – not only can you create an amazing platform that captures all of your best experiences, you can turn it into a source of income. Whilst the early days of travel blogging might provide you with some extra cash to maintain it as a side-hustle, laying the right foundations could mean you’re flying the world as a full time enterprise. With travel blogging, the sky really is the limit!

If you’re interested in making money with your travel blog keep reading for all the key tips you need to know.

how to monetise travel blog

#1 – How to create a travel blog for free?

Before establishing a travel blog, many enthusiasts wonder about the initial investment needed. In most cases, aside from the actual cost of your travels, a travel blog can be created with minimal or no investments. Luckily, there are several ways to establish a travel blog website for free or at a low cost.

Getting started with a website builder is one of the best ways to start travel blogging for beginners in 2022. Go for one of the online platforms that have predefined website templates specifically for travel blogs. There’s no need to have programming skills to set up your blog this way, and anyone can do it.

The only small expenditures you might need to make come in the form of paying for the domain name, hosting, and possibly another service for maintaining a mailing list or SEO services.

Another way to create a travel blog for free is to create it from scratch. This is an option if you have skills such as HTML coding and web design. When creating a website manually, you’ll still need to find and pay for a domain name and hosting service, which usually requires monthly or annual to monetise your blog

#2 – How to set up and promote a travel blog website?

After the set-up aspect of your travel blog is created, there’s a few other things you need to do to to help your website become visible to others and found in search engines.

Creating metadata

Make sure to add meta title and meta description to every single page on the blog. This will help Google and other search engines to understand what is the blog about and how to match it with user searches.

Building links

If you expect to monetise your blog, you need to spend some serious time promoting it. One of the best ways to promote visibility is to gain backlinks from other websites. You can either outreach to webmasters (owners of targeted websites that you want a link from) or use dedicated tools for link building.

Connecting analytics tools

There’s no point flying blind. You need to understand your blog’s website traffic and analyse its performance if you want it to be profitable. Therefore, you need to connect analytics tools to do so.

These tools, such as Google Analytics have masses of statistical data that show the dynamics of your blog performance, including page visits, demographics, popular posts and so on. Essentially, you need to use data from these tools to understand the best topics to interest your audience and gain new readers.

how to monetise travel blog

#3 – How to monetise a travel blog?

As soon as your blog’s website has built an audience with solid metrics, you are in a position to start making a profit from it. Monetisation strategies include banner advertising, sponsored articles, sponsored giveaways, and hosting guest posts for other bloggers.


When your blog or certain articles appear high on search rankings, businesses might consider advertising in travel blogs to be very effective. The cost of advertising depends on various factors such as the amount of traffic and page views your website receives.

When analysing an advertising offer, make sure that the promoted products or services align closely with the topics discussed on your blog and don’t detract or cause mistrust amongst your readers.

Guest posting

One of the best ways to monetise a travel blog is by accepting guest posts from other authors on your website. These articles will have a link to websites that a company wants to promote. Like all of other forms of advertising, guest post prices come down to blog performance and how appealing your blog is to the advertiser.

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