4 Ways To Make Money From Anywhere

how to make money from anywhere

With online platforms sprouting up everywhere thanks to the advances of technology, it is now easier than ever to turn passion into profits and make money from literally, anywhere. But with COVID-19 lingering in many parts of the world, what better place to start than in the comfort of your home.

If you want to start earning extra money or run a business from your home, here are the best ideas.  

Become a virtual assistant

Personal assistants are still a thing. You can assist someone with their day to day life admin or fulfil a particular role such as helping them run a business in any variety of ways. As a virtual assistant you will communicate via video meetings, phone or email and never have to leave the house. If you like the idea of being someone’s assistant but not having to move from your sofa, then you might want to consider becoming a virtual assistant.

Start trading

The world of trading has gone crazy in recent years. No longer is trading on international markets limited to industry professionals and experts. Now, again thanks to advances in technology, anyone with a digital device and an internet connection can get involved. All you need is some knowledge and spare cash and you can get going. 

By way of caution though, it’s important to use verified sites and seek out low-risk trades to better place you to make money rather than lose it. Platforms like swyftx.com allow you to buy, sell, and trade crypto. You can participate in investing and trading from the comfort of your bed if you want to! 

Start filling out surveys

If you have time on your hands and looking for an interesting way to make a few dollars then you can make easy money from anywhere by filling out surveys. All you need is a mobile phone or laptop and you can get going. There are several websites you can sign up to, who will  pay you to fill out surveys. Some pay better than others. Some require expert knowledge and others simply ask random or personal questions. 

To maximise the money you can make, you should create profiles on various sites. Your profile will highlight what areas of expertise you have and allow companies to get in touch with appropriate opportunities. 

Create a blog

If you have an interest and knowledge in virtually any subject, then you could can share your ideas and tips through a blog. Setting up a blog is fairly straightforward, you just need to get a domain name and hosting, create an account with a platform such as WordPress, and set up social channels (if you want to increase your awareness and gain more traffic). 

You can blog about anything from food and fashion to gaming and technology. Whatever you are passionate about, you could start writing about and sharing with online readers. 

Making money from a blog is usually through sponsorships or affiliate links. Sponsorships involve brands paying you to write about and review their products or services. Or, they might pay you to display a banner on your blog for your readers to click through and shop. Affiliate links from providers and retailers which you insert into your content and earn a commission off of. 

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