4 Interior Designer’s Tips for Decorating a Small Space

how to decorate a small space
Thanks to changing lifestyle demands and the high cost of property, modern homes tend to be smaller than they used to be. These days, we’re all squeezing into places that are more ‘bijoux’ than bougie.

However, what small homes and small rooms lack in size, with a bit of creativity, you can easily turn them into a stylish, fun, and attractive space to live, work, and sleep.

There’s no reason to overlook trying to decorate a small room, however a slightly different approach is needed if you want to make the most of what you’ve got. From colour schemes to decorations, we share with you 4 of the best tips interior designers rely on when they are decorating small spaces.

Here are some ideas to help you decorate small spaces in your home.

how to decorate a small room

#1 – Colour

The most popular way to decorate a small room is to keep the colour scheme light and bright. This will undoubtedly make a small room feel larger since pale colours tend to reflect light.

If your small space is a living room, it’s always preferable to use light colours on the walls and in your furnishings. Stick to muted colours, like soft grey or pale cream and add a few pops of colour in your accessories to break things up a little.

However, don’t be afraid of using dark colours in small spaces such as your bedroom, toilet or bathroom. Painting a shower room or toilet in navy, purple, or even black can really add the ‘wow’ factor. 

Since you won’t be spending hours in these rooms, there is no danger of you succumbing to claustrophobia. Most people only go to their bedroom to sleep, so dark shades can add a sense of intimacy to a room, making it feel romantic and cosy. You can accessorise with bedside lights and mirrors to add a dramatic touch.

(Tip: For a professional finish when painting with dark colours, consider using a spray gun rather than a paint brush or roller.  HVLP spray gun review can help you choose the one that’s right for you.)


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    Really nice tips, i really like the color and using mirror tip. Thank you for sharing

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    Great tips, I really like the color and the use of mirror tip.
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