How To Choose The Perfect Side Tables For Any Space

how to choose perfect side table

Side tables are the unsung heroes of the living room and sometimes of the entryway, home, office, and bedroom. They are excellent easy updates that are also super handy to have.

When it comes to planning out the look of your home and interior decoration in general, side tables tend to be an afterthought. Let’s face it, most people just think of side tables as existing to provide a functional purpose. However, side tables can be an important component in any room, raising the style factor several notches.

So – with that being said, why not take the opportunity to maximise this piece of furniture by thinking of them two-fold: firstly, as a handy storage piece, but also as a creative decorative piece?

If you’re shopping around for a beautiful collection of side tables, here’s are a few tips to choose the perfect ones for your home.

how to choose perfect side table livin

#1 – The size of the table must work with the size of the room

Pay attention to the size of the area where the side tables will be placed so you can keep the proportions appropriate and avoid cluttering.

If you want a side table for a smaller room, you might want to go for one in a lighter shade, or one made out of glass. Glass side tables help avoid the look of crowding, and mirror accents or tables with open-shelving or grill designs are perfect for smaller rooms as well. Open designs allow light and the eye to travel through and makes the room appear clearer.

#2 – The shape of the table

There are three basic shapes used in most items of furniture: square, rectangle, and round. Round side tables can provide an aesthetic contrast and break things up a bit if your other furniture has all squared edges. Square tables tend to have a larger surface area and work well in-conjunction with table lamps.

Square tables are also ideal for a corner with a sofa on one side and a chair on the other. When selecting a shape, it’s clearly important to keep in mind how you intend to use it.

#3 – Height of the side table

A good rule of thumb is to select a side table that is approximately 5 cms lower than the furniture it will be placed next to. This not only looks better, it allows you to reach the table comfortably. Standard sofa arms vary, so take note of these measurements before you go shopping.

And if you’re looking to place a side table in a spot that’s not next to a chair or sofa, such as an entryway or foyer? In this case, you can go a few centimetres higher—approximately 50-60 cms tall is ideal.

Consider how you intend to use the table. If it’s a sofa table for storing keys and mail, keep it around waist height. If its main purpose is to display decorative goods, make it taller. You can choose from the beautiful collection of side tables from Eleganté homewares.

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