How To Keep Your Smallish Home Classy & Clutter-Free

A very cluttered home rarely looks classy. And if your place is small, keeping your possessions under control without Marie Kondo’ing your life entirely, can feel impossible.

But the good news is, you needn’t throw away everything, just because you live in a small sized place. It’s possible to  have your cake and eat it too, you just need to know how to do it.

As micro homes are becoming more and more popular – particularly among millennials and first time property buyers, many people are beginning to look for ways to inhabit these properties without drowning in a sea of stuff.

Furniture designers from IKEA to Minotti have come up with innovative ways to combine our need for furniture with our desire to keep our treasured belongings.

When styling your small home, the best way to keep the property classy and clutter free is by opting for creative storage solutions in every way you can.

Here are the most clever storage ideas for smaller properties!

clever storage small spaces

#1 – Multipurpose Furniture

If you’re strapped for space, look to buy furniture with storage that’s built-in as part of the design. For example, coffee tables with large drawers underneath, sofas with storage in the arms, and cabinets that sit flush to the floor.

If you’ve already furnished, then look around your home and consider what pieces of furniture have room to store a thing or two.

For example, does your bed have a flat headboard that a few objects could be placed on top of? Or perhaps there’s an empty gap atop your wardrobe that could store decorative storage boxes and so forth. If you get creative, you’re almost guaranteed to find some wiggle room in every room.

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