How To Keep Your Smallish Home Classy & Clutter-Free

small space storage ideas

#2 – Buy Compact Storage

Obvious, right? Still, the event of ‘buying compact storage’ is, ironically, a very big area to cover. Storage can mean anything; cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, racks and shelving. If you’re living in a small city apartment, chances are you can’t fit many of these options into your living area in any magnitude.

However, opting for clothing racks and coat rails (versus bulky wardrobes and built-ins), can add an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home that is stylish and on theme with urban life.

For example, Cox & Cox offer affordable coat racks that can be tucked away in a corner neatly and stylishly, add more storage without being overbearing and cumbersome. Moreover, having your clothes on show helps you to see exactly what you’ve got, while reducing the tendency to buy and hoard unnecessary items.

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