7 Garage Design Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Space

garage design ideas
With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, garage design ideas may be circling our thoughts as we look for ways to make more use of available space. Let’s face it, besides occasionally storing our cars, garages are the perfect target for home gyms, office nooks or second living areas!

Typically, garages are nothing more than a blank, boxed area of the home, devoid of thought or design intelligence. They become a magnet for piled storage boxes, dumped sports equipment, pet toys and everything in between. However, how you design your garage and make use of the surface area will greatly impact how much use you can get out of it.

No matter what you want to use your garage for, whether you want to squeeze another car in or convert it to another use altogether, with the right approach you can maximise its potential.

Before you start carrying out any garage design ideas though, you will need to put a plan in place. It’s essential to draw up a floor plan and play around with configurations before getting serious. Also be sure to browse different garage doors in Melbourne to find a solution that will be unobtrusive, will give you easy access to your space, and allow you to move equipment in and out with ease. (Make sure to have someone who does door repairs.)

Let’s take a look at six useful garage design ideas to help you get the most out of your space.

garage design ideas

#1 – Use Magnetic Tool Storage

Free up valuable bench space by installing simple magnetic strips on your wall. These magnet strips will get your metal tools up and out of the way, while keeping them accessible and organised. Magnet wall strips are a simple and cost effective way to instantly create more room to work on your projects, and to find the tools you need with ease.

#2 – Install A Folding Workbench

If you have a smaller garage or you want to truly maximise your floor space, then consider installing a folding workbench. Mounted to the wall, your bench will only take up floor space when you use it. Be sure to add folding legs to the base of the bench to give you a stronger surface to work on when you need to use your bench.

#3 – Add Ceiling Hooks To Hang Larger Items

If you have a lot of larger items in your garage such as bicycles, surfboards, kayaks or ladders, you can install ceiling hooks to hang these items from the ceiling. If your garage has enough headspace, this can be a great way to keep bulkier items out of the way so that you can free up more floor space.

#4 – Put Hooks On The Walls

Securing hooks at strategic places around your garage is a great way to keep the space tidy and organised. You can use hooks to hang anything from garden tools to outdoor clothing and extension cords. Hanging items from hooks is a simple yet effective way to keep your garage space more organised.

garage design ideas

#5 – Overhead Shelving

Rather than installing shelving that will take over an entire wall of your garage, one of the most popular garage design ideas is to install overhead shelving that only takes up the higher sections of your walls. Again, this is all about creating room to move where you need it most.

#6 – Upgrade Your Flooring

Depending on how you want to use your garage space, you may want to look at installing different types of flooring. If one of your favourite garage design ideas is to convert the area into a recreation area, then consider upgrading your flooring to make the space more inviting, warmer and functional. With a flooring change, your garage will feel like an entirely new section of the home for little outlay.

#7 – Garage Design Ideas Should Meet Your Needs

When you’re redesigning your garage space, it’s important to keep realistic about the needs of the household. There’s little use converting a garage into a home gym if you’ve never exercised before, and similarly, if street parking is an issue maybe you shouldn’t be redesigning your garage for fewer cars at all. All said and done, if you apply some creativity and common sense to your garage design ideas, you will have a space that you can get some real use out of going forward.


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