Home Improvement Ideas: Extension, Conversion Or Renovation?

Home Improvement Ideas
If you’re thinking about doing something new at home and you’re looking for some home improvement ideas, the real question is: should you convert, expand or renovate? Each outcome will of course be different, so it’s important to know which one is right before you lift a hammer, paintbrush or carpet.

Maybe your dining room is a little too small because your elbows keep knocking into each other. Maybe your kitchen is just too large and you would rather have a more cosy space to make your meals. It could be that you want to turn your living room into a drawing room. Whatever the reason for making a change to your space, it’s essential to first decide which type of renovation will get you the most desirable results.

Here we explain the three types of room renovations and how these home improvement ideas can transform your space.

Home Improvement Ideas #1 – The classic extension

An extension is a simple concept: you take a room or floor and simply enlarge it! Extensions are commonly used to open up a dining area by expanding it into the garden. This gives you a kitchen, dining area and bar area all in one space. Typically speaking, extensions do not knock down supporting walls, but they do knock down one major wall down in order to expand.

When considering an extension for your place, speak to professionals in your area with a solid reputation such as these east london architects. Look for companies that have done these type of extension projects in the past and have experience with your local council.

Apart from having more space to enjoy, one of the upsides for extensions is that you can buy more furniture and decor pieces, to complement the new space.

Home Improvement Ideas

#2 – The simpler conversion

A conversion is mainly reserved to the loft or the basement. Here, you are converting an existing under-utilised space into a room or new space that is usable. Many homes have areas with great potential to become rooms for entertaining, games, a bar, a gym or a study.

While conversions are thought to be one of the simpler home improvement ideas (because you’re not knocking down walls and you’re not having to change the structure of your home), they often require you to add plumbing, wiring and windows.

#3 – The complex renovation

A renovation is a comprehensive project when you transform an old and tired area into something new and modern. So what’s the difference between this and a conversion? In home renovations you have to demolish and remove the old, before you can install new designs and fixtures. Essentially, you need to make a blank canvas of the space before you get to work.

This step makes a renovation more complex than the others because you have to remove things like floorboards, wallpaper, older wiring and plumbing and implement various specialist safety measures like building site barriers. Taking a home or a room down to its skeletal appearance is normal in complex renovations.

Whichever of these home improvement ideas you decide to implement for your home, the process is satisfying and exciting! Just be sure to research and plan thoroughly and use qualified professionals to help you. The results will be worth it.

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