Vintage Outfit Ideas: How To Blend Vintage & Modern Clothing

how to wear vintage clothing
No longer considered just a fashion rite of passage, wearing vintage clothing has well and truly hit the mainstream, and it’s worked its way into the carefully curated wardrobes of stylish men and women the world over. But what vintage outfit ideas work the best to avoid looking like you’ve stepped out in costume? We explain..

There are so many benefits to wearing vintage clothing and accessories – reducing overall waste, grabbing designer finds for less, and of course, enjoying fabric quality and clothing styles that are so hard to find in modern clothing today. Not to mention that you can create a totally unique outfit you won’t see on somebody else.

But wearing vintage clothing needs to be done skilfully. If you’re looking to inject some vintage vibes into your wardrobe, there’s a variety of distinctive clothing and accessory selections to get you started on – otherwise, keep reading!

These 5 simple style hacks explain how the best vintage outfit ideas blend old and modern styles effortlessly.

how to wear vintage clothing

#1 – Work Around a Vintage Piece

One of the easiest ways to blend our personal modern style with a classic old school vibe is to work around your vintage piece, and not the other way round. For example, if you’re looking to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag such as the Classic Capucines BB bag, build your outfit around your bag.

Basically, you want your vintage statement piece to be the centre of attention, so pairing it with a simple modern outfit is the way to go. Put on a pair of classic jeans, a crisp white T-shirt or simple knit, and let the bag do the talking.

#2 – Accessorise With Vintage Jewellery

Jewellery is the cherry on top to any outfit, and tasteful additions are guaranteed to elevate the most basic ensemble. Accessorising with vintage jewellery is one of the easiest ways to blend vintage with modern without having to spend a ton of money.

High impact ways to add a vintage feel to your outfit include, choosing a cute pair of vintage sunglasses, popping on a retro headscarf or neckerchief, or adding a statement brooch. And as usual, less is more – one or two of these vintage jewellery pieces are enough to make a statement.

#3 – Natural Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup look is super important when you’re looking to blend all things vintage with the current era’s styles. In short, the best way to keep a vintage outfit looking fresh is to keep your hair and makeup as natural as possible.

Avoid makeup that is copied from the era, or too heavy and intense. Likewise, stick to a natural look for your hair. This is an especially helpful tip if you’re wearing big and bold vintage pieces such as a flowery jumpsuit or a statement dress. The low-key beauty styling will balance your overall look and stop you from looking like you stepped out of a 70’s movie!

#4 – Pull Out Your Faux Fur

Images of fur capes and coats often come to mind when we think about timeless vintage outfit ideas. These classic pieces have managed to survive through the decades thanks to the fact that they can be added to almost any outfit and bring an air of class, femininity and sophistication to it.

If you’re looking for the ultimate vintage piece, then head to your local vintage clothing store and find yourself a faux fur jacket or cape. Always opt for simple, neutral colours such as black or brown, and avoid overly loud patterns if you want the most flexibility and wearability out of the coat.

#5 – When Formal Meets Casual

Flip through fashion magazines, blogs and Instagram accounts and you’ll find stylish women from all over the world who effortlessly blend casual and formal styles to create what seems like the perfectly curated outfit.

When it comes to blending modern with vintage, the same type of thinking applies: For example, a formal 70’s pencil skirt paired with a casual white t-shirt or leather jacket is the way to go. Take inspiration from others, then get super creative and experiment yourself by combining formal vintage pieces with modern-day basics to create your very own effortless blend of old school and new.

There are so many reasons to love vintage clothing and accessories: from the unique fabrics, styles and designs to the highest level of craftsmanship that today’s fashion cannot compete with. We hope we’ve inspired your search for vintage outfit ideas and encouraged you to get creative with transforming your clothes into fresh modern outfits.

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