Men’s Style: How To Reduce Hair Loss (8 Key Tips)


How to reduce hair loss is a common question asked by millions of men everywhere. While losing a little hair is a natural occurrence, losing a lot of hair can cause concern and stress.

There are many causes for hair loss in men. Some of the most common causes include too frequently wearing a cap or helmet, while natural causes can be stress, pollution, or diet/lifestyle. One of the ways to help deal with hair loss is to upgrade your shampoo – there are plenty of specialty shampoos marketed to help deal with hair loss, however, only a few shampoo brands really work and prove to be effective. If you’re looking for the best shampoo for hair loss Australia, check out

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You can learn how to reduce hair loss with the following tips

Wash your hair using a mild shampoo

Washing your hair with the right type of shampoo can reduce hair loss and keep your scalp clean. Regular washing with a mild shampoo will also lower the risk of dandruff and other infections which may lead to hair breakage or hair loss. Lastly, clean hair tends to look fuller and gives the impression of more volume.

Take vitamins to reduce hair loss 

Other than for healthy well-being, vitamin tablets and vitamin-rich foods are beneficial for keeping your hair healthy for longer. Vitamin A promotes the healthy production of sebum on your scalp, while Vitamin E will increase the blood circulation to the scalp which helps the hair follicles to be productive. Vitamin B helps hair maintain its healthy colour.

Massage your scalp using essential oils

If you have experienced hair loss for a while, then some people recommend massaging your scalp with essential oils, since this can help your hair follicles to stay active.

 Never brush wet hair

The hair is in its weakest state when it’s wet, so it’s wise to avoid brushing it when it’s drenched as this will quickly increase the chances of hair loss. Instead, gently use a wide-toothed comb if you have to comb wet hair. Also, as a general rule, avoid brushing your hair too frequently as it can damage the strands and encourage hair loss.

 Stay hydrated

The hair shaft consists of water. Therefore, make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day if you want to stay properly hydrated and give your hair the best chance of success.

 Reduce alcohol

Sadly, high alcohol intake can exacerbate hair loss and reduce new hair growth. So, if you really want to make an effort to improve your hair, it’s a good idea to completely eliminate alcohol if you can.

Avoid frequent heat styling 

If you are in the habit of frequently heating and styling your hair with heat tools, now is a good time to stop. Heating the hair can cause the proteins of the strands to weaken. This can make your hair fragile and trigger breakage.

Keep a watch on your medications

Certain medications come with side effects that include hair loss. So, make sure you consult a doctor about the conditions you have and the medications you take. Get to know if any of your medications could cause hair loss, and if so, look for an alternative medication or treatment if there is one available.

As you can see, taking care of your hair to reduce hair loss requires us to incorporate a range of internal and external actions. From diet and lifestyle, to using the right hair care products, treating hair loss isn’t a one-step process. However, finding a good hair care brand is one of the best first steps, and it can work miracles for your hair. Be sure to check out Patricks in Australia for more information and to shop their men’s hair care products.

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