Considering Facelift Surgery? Signs You May Be A Perfect Candidate

considering facelift surgery

Requiring general anaesthesia and lots of downtime, facelift surgery was once considered one of the more extreme forms of plastic surgery, reserved for older patents. However, with technological advancements, there are less invasive versions of ‘facelifts’ available today that almost anyone can undertake.

Facelift surgery is a well-known procedure that removes excess skin around the face, resulting in a lifted and rejuvenated appearance. It can also be used to repair drooping eyelids, or to refresh the shape of the eyes.

If you’re considering a facelift, talk to a qualified plastic surgeon – they will assess your suitability based on the below signs.

Keep reading to learn more about whether facelift surgery could benefit you

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#1 – Having Loose or Sagging Skin on Your Face, Jawline, or neck

Sagging skin is often caused by the natural aging process and extended exposure to the sun. If you’re experiencing sagging skin on your face, jawline, or neck, you may be a good candidate for a facelift. Facelift surgery will help improve this aspect of your appearance, while keeping it easy for you to maintain your facial expressions.

#2 – Having Excess Fat Deposits Along Your Jawline, or chin

If you’re feel that you have excess fat deposits along your jawline, or chin, you may be a good candidate for a facelift. Surgery can remove these deposits and tighten the skin at the same time, giving you a sharper jawline and a more taut lower face and neck.

#3 – Having Deep Folds Throughout your Lower and Midface

Harsh facial lines and deep folds in the lower and midface can make you look older than you feel. These lines may also cause your skin to appear wrinkled, or saggy. Facelift surgery can be used to remove these lines, and smooth out your lower and midface. This will make you look younger, more vibrant, and feel more confident.

#4 – Sunken, or Hollow Cheeks

If you’re experiencing sunken or hollow cheeks, you may be a good candidate for a facelift. Sunken or hollow cheeks can cause you to appear unwell, tired and unhappy even when you’re not. Facelift surgery can be used to lift the excess skin around your cheeks, and help to contour them in a way that will improve the overall appearance of your face. This helps you regain your natural facial expressions, and appear healthy and youthful.

#5 – Drooping Eyelids

Drooping eyelids can cause you to appear tired, and unhappy which badly affects your confidence. It can also make it difficult for you to maintain your natural facial expressions. Facelift surgery can be used to remove excess skin from your eyelids, lift up the skin around the forehead, and smooth out the skin in the surrounding areas.

#6 – Drooping Mouth

Sagging mouth corners may cause you to appear unhappy, or angry even when you’re feeling wonderful. Facelift surgery can be used to lift the skin from the corners of your mouth, and place the face into a more natural position. This helps to make it easier for you to smile, and results in a more pleasant resting look.

#7 –  Depressed and Lowered Eyebrows

If your eyebrows have dropped considerably, it can make you appear angry and tired, as well as a lot older. Facelift surgery can be used to remove excess skin from the forehead and lift your eyebrows into a more rested position. This will not only help you look younger, you will likely feel more confident.


If you are looking to improve your appearance, and feel that you exhibit any – or all, of the above signs, then you may be a good candidate for a facelift. While not to be taken lightly, facelift surgery has become more accessible over the years and many more younger patients are undertaking the surgery than ever before.

The first step is to contact a professional plastic surgeon for a consultation. They will discuss all of the relevant facelift techniques and provide you with options for improving the appearance of your face.

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