Considering Plastic Surgery? Consider These 4 Things First

questions you should ask yourself before considering plastic surgery.
The decision to have plastic surgery is monumental, and in 2020, there’s a growing number of both men and women who are looking into (and undergoing) these life-altering procedures.

There are many reasons people decide to have plastic surgery that aren’t limited to simple aesthetic improvements or building self-confidence. But regardless of what procedure you’ve got your eye on, the results are always certain to be noticeable and irreversible.

For that reason, it’s essential to spend time considering your own motivations for the surgery, and then engaging with your surgeon to get clear expectations right from the beginning. Before you look into getting a consultation for any plastic surgery in Melbourne, just make sure that you’re taking the step armed with plenty of information and confidence.

Here are the key questions you should ask yourself before considering plastic surgery.

questions you should ask yourself before considering plastic surgery.

#1 – What procedure/s do I really want?

From facelifts and rhinoplasty to breast reductions and liposuction, there are a great variety of cosmetic procedures available. And let’s face it – the chances are high that if you’ve been thinking of one, you may have also considered some others!

No matter what procedure you’re considering, it’s essential to do your own research and get familiar with the different risks that accompany them. Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh up the perceived benefits and the risks of any type of surgery, before deciding whether it’s right for you to proceed.

Your surgeon will be able to give you their opinion on whether a treatment is right for you or not, and don’t be afraid to seek second or third opinions, if you want better piece of mind.

#2 – What do I expect?

It goes without saying that people decide to undergo plastic surgery for their own personal reasons. But additionally, you should be able to identify the root of your reasons to ensure that your decision to proceed is healthy (and yours and yours alone.) Surgeons recommend that patients draw up a list of your expectations for your procedure and think critically about how realistic those expectations are.

According to plastic surgeons, it’s extremely common for patients to ask for ‘Kylie Jenner’s lips’ or ‘Natalie Portman’s nose’, however these expectations can only lead to disappointment. This is because plastic surgery is designed to enhance your body, not transform you into somebody else. In simple terms, if your expectations are unrealistic at their core, the results will most likely be underwhelming and disappointing.

#3 – What’s my budget?

Cosmetic surgery does have its pros and cons, but one major negative that a lot of people fail to fully consider are the total costs. Unbeknown to many, there are additional costs to the procedure itself, which can really add up depending on what you have had done.

Some of these costs include: medications needed prior to, and during your recovery, travel costs, follow-up consultation costs, time off work, plus any potential costs that can arise if there are complications.

Before deciding to undergo the surgery, you should definitely enquire as to what these extra costs could be, and put together a well-padded budget to ensure that you can cover any and all expenses as they fall due.

#4 – What recovery time will I need?

When it comes to plastic surgery, you should never underestimate the recovery time. Allowing plenty of time to recover and rest is essential if you want the best possible final result. On average, most cosmetic procedures take around one to two weeks for a full recovery, although each procedure has its own specific healing process.

Always keep in mind that complications can arise and they may vastly drag out your healing period. And even if there are no complications, it’s not recommended to rush your body if you feel that it needs more time. Plan well in advance, and plan for plenty of downtime if you want to allow yourself the best possible outcome.

If you’ve considered these questions for yourself – and more, then you’re ready to start looking into surgeons who specialise in the work you’re considering. Go equipped with any queries, and be sure to ask your surgeon to uncover any issues you’re not sure of.

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