How to Save Time on House Cleaning – 4 Lifechanging Tips

how to save time on house cleaning

Pretty much everyone hates house cleaning. Even knowing that you have to do it can cause you to feel lazy and you might end up putting it off. Sadly, this is not a good idea because the more you put it off, the more you have to do.

Therefore, learning how to save time on house cleaning is important, given that it can motivate you to tackle it knowing that you’ll get it over with quickly.

Here’s a round up on how you can save time on house cleaning

#1 – Hire Cleaners!

The most obvious way to save time on house cleaning is to not do it yourself at all, and to hire professionals to do it for you. If this sounds like the solution you are after, then you can stop reading this article and proceed to check out house cleaning in Austin or wherever you are located!

But in all seriousness, there really are advantages to hiring professionals. Reputable cleaners will not only know the right and wrong way to clean things, they will come equipped with quality products and the correct equipment to use on your home. Another clear advantage is that they are taking off tasks from your to-do list and freeing you up to do other things in your life.

#2 – Use a Timer

A lot of people don’t do this, but it’s a trick that everyone should try. When cleaning, it’s easy to get distracted with things and stray away from the cleaning itself. This only adds to the total time invested and makes the process more drawn out than it really needs to be. However, if you time your activity – using a timer, it will help you stay on the task so that you can get it done in the minimal time.

You can also time your cleaning routine by doing it by chunks. This is extremely helpful if you have multiple things that need to be done. For example, allocate 15 minutes for vacuuming and then 20 minutes for bathroom cleaning. This trick can also help with laziness. If you know that a chore will only take 10 minutes to do, it might motivate you to just get it over with. Using a timer can also help you schedule your day. This is extremely helpful if you have a busy day but still want to get some chores done.

#3 – Buy Extra Basics

If you have extra sheets or extra bath towels, it will save you from doing the laundry frequently. This can also apply to having extra socks and underwear. Basically, the trick is to have extra volumes of items that you use often or things that you have to change often. And yes, whilst this does save time, it does not save money.

#4 – Clean As You Go

Cleaning as you go through life will mean that you’ll spend less time doing general cleaning over the course of a week. With this tactic, you simply make sure that your house is organised and clean most of the time.

For instance, wiping down spills as soon as they happen will save you from wasting time figuring out how to remove stains later. Sweeping off chip crumbs after your movie night, an cleaning toothpaste or soap scum in the bathroom when you see it are other ways you can keep on top of things. In short, it’s the little actions you do along the way that will help you greatly in the long run.

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