Home Sanctuary: How To Create A Healing Environment At Home

home sanctuary
Now more than ever, we’re all looking for ways to turn our house into the ultimate home sanctuary. Our home should be our safe place – a private zone, where we can de-stress, relax, and prepare ourselves for another day of surviving in this world. A healing environment will minimise tensions and boost your happiness.

Our homes are supposed to bring us closer to our friends and family. They are also critical for improving our well-being. While we may place a lot of expectations on these spaces, and it might sound like you need to invest a lot of time and effort before you can reap any rewards, the fact is, turning our home into a home sanctuary is simple. All you need to do is make a few changes based on healing principles.

We expect a healing environment to be peaceful, calm, and uncluttered. Many people do not understand how much their surroundings affect their ability to rest, find peace and vitality. A healthy environment makes you feel safe, and it helps to reduce feelings of helplessness, worry, and sadness.

Alarmingly, a noisy and confusing environment can lead to long-term issues, such as heart disease, strokes, and blood pressure. Case in point: a stressful and disorganised workplace. Given that your workplace is not your solo territory, you probably can’t control those surroundings at you may suffer as a result. By contrast however, your house is your territory, and changing it into a healing space is achievable. With some tips, you can work things out.

One thing you can do is to get rid of all the excess stuff you don’t use – give it away or store it in a storage unit. By decluttering you won’t just clear your space but your mind too. Just think about the stress of cleaning, caring and searching stuff amongst the piles of things. By getting rid of the unnecessary stuff you can get rid of the stress too.

Don’t forget that minor changes can make a tremendous difference. When you create your own healing space, try to focus on the areas you spend a lot of time. Think about the frequently done activities in your life and create a home environment that promotes those activities.

Here are 6 ways to create a home sanctuary and turn your environment into a healing space

home sanctuary

#1 – Try to incorporate more nature into your healing space

Nature is nurturing for many people, and a view of nature, such as natural light and a garden, can improve your mood. When you surround yourself with nature, your health becomes better. Artworks that incorporate nature, plants, and flowers are also beneficial.

Enhancing the light in the house is also essential for creating a healing space. If you want a happier mood, lower fatigue, less eyestrain, and better morale, increase the daylight in your house. So, if you have an enormous window in your home, take advantage of the natural light! You can also supplement natural light with other sources of light, such as a lamp.

#2 – Decorate your house with meaningful things

Rather than clutter the home with meaningless objects, try to fill any display spaces in your house with things that mean something to you. This could include memorable pictures of friends and family or spiritual symbols. You could also display motivating objects, for example, a favourite frame with an inspiring quote. You could also hang artwork that you have created or have collected if it resonates with you.

Another way to crate a home sanctuary is to encourage interactions. For example, placing furniture thoughtfully so it is closer to together or in a more quiet part of the house, can lead to easier and more meaningful discussions.

#3 – Make your lives simple

Many of us have made our lives complicated and busy, whether we’ve done this deliberately or not. It’s important therefore, to try and stay organised and simplify your life. Decluttering and cleaning the house is a great way to begin the process of turning your place into a home sanctuary.

First of all, remove any unwanted objects in your house that are unnecessary. This will help to reduce stress. Second, you can turn your attention to cleaning. When you clean your house, dust and other toxins are removed, and this makes your home healthier for you. After the decluttering and cleaning is done, carve out a quiet space for yourself. This will let you take a break from your everyday life and spend some time with yourself.

#4 – Choose the right colours for your home sanctuary

When designing your ideal home sanctuary, it’s worthwhile assessing which colours are in the space, and how they make you feel. Try to select colours that go with your personality and your mood. While bright colours such as red, yellow, and orange are energetic, other colours, such as green, violet, and blue, create feelings of calmness and restfulness. Alternatively you may find comfort in a neutral palette of simple white and grey. Experiment with whatever works for you and incorporate those hues where possible.

#6 – Create a bedroom that is clutter-free and is dark

It’s a fact for most people that a cluttered and non-dark room will cause you to have trouble catching a good night’s sleep. Cracks of light, no matter how slight they may seem can wreak havoc on our ability to fall asleep as well as our sleeping patterns. For starters, buy curtains that will block out the light. You should also dim the lights that come from TVs, clocks, and phones. Lastly, make sure that the temperature in your room is cool and the bedding is comfortable.

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    I really Liked the article. It has so many information in it. The way you explained the article was so good and inspiring. I am gonna recommend this article to my friends and family also.

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