6 At-Home Relaxation Activities That Aren’t Netflix


There’s no better feeling than knowing your working day is done. You can finally put down that phone, switch off your computer and say goodbye to your co-workers – for a few hours at least!

However, despite the burst of energy we experience as we bound out of the workplace, the spark has usually fizzled out by the time we get home, and more often than not we find ourselves positioned in front of the TV or computer and trying to make it past 8pm. 

Of course, we all have our ways of relaxing, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with unwinding (your way) after a long day at work. However, with a whole evening ahead of us, it’s worth considering what else we could be doing to relax that doesn’t involve watching a screen.

While watching our favourite series or a movie is blissfully entertaining, truth be told you will probably feel more fulfilled if you do something else.

Read on for 6 screen-free, TV-free activities to try at home.

#1 – Call someone you love

When was the last time you had an actual phone conversation? Most likely it was some time ago! So, step away from the screens and the temptation to text, and make a call to someone you haven’t caught up with in a while.

Speaking to someone on the phone and hearing the voice of someone you love will make you feel happier and more connected than you would if you just engaged in a typed messenger conversation. Make plans, talk about your day and enjoy a good catch up.

#2 – Experiment with your makeup

Bored of turning up to work with the same, predictable 5-minute face everyday? Shake things up a little bit. Take a look through your makeup bag (check out Adore Beauty if you’re looking for new additions to your makeup collection: https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/make-up.html) and experiment with some new looks.

Try a new eyeliner technique or have a go at contouring. This is time well spent if it means adding to your beauty skillset and feeling fresher the next day!

#3 – Pamper yourself

Download a spa music playlist, light some scented candles, and enjoy a homemade facemask. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed – perfect after a busy day at work.

#4 – Try a podcast

Listening to a podcast requires using your phone sure, but you don’t need to look at a screen. Tune in to your favourite subject or take the opportunity to learn something new. There are parenting, fitness, TV and movie podcasts, along with political, economic and entrepreneurial topics if that’s what you fancy. Listen while you’re cooking or catching up on chores – and expand your mind without evening knowing!

#5 – Practice calm

Meditation, deep breathing techniques, or even yoga – there’s nothing better than a bit of self-love and personal reflection after a busy, draining day at work. These kind of activities only take around 30 minutes max, leaving you with plenty of time to pursue other screen-free activities. 

#6 – Exercise 

Last but not least: exercise! What could be better than hitting the gym after work and busting a sweat to wash away the day? But if packed, peak-time gyms aren’t your thing, then there are other ways to enjoy fitness.

Take a power walk or a run around your neighbourhood, invest in some simple home gym equipment like kettlebells and resistance bands, or even set up a small home gym. You can also attend dance class, martial arts or sports such as tennis. Exercise after work gets your heart pumping while reducing your stress levels at the same time.

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