Your Body Transformation Starts Here: 5 Essential Tips

body transformation
Body transformation is high on many women’s wish lists. Who doesn’t want to look younger, fitter and healthier?! Despite the myriad of supplements, programs and diets, it’s possible to transform yourself with a little planning, commitment and realistic expectations.

5 steps to starting a total body transformation

#1 – Look at what goes in

First up, start a food diary. Whether you write down what you eat on paper or use a free app, getting into the habit is key. Recording what you eat and drink for a month is ideal, but a fortnight is still helpful.

Then, look at how your intake is spread over the different types of food – does it include foods of many different colours, textures and flavours? Is it mainly convenience or packaged food? If you rely on one type of food too much (apart from fresh vegetables), you’re probably not receiving the best nutrition and this can also trigger unhealthy cravings.

Next, pack healthier snacks for work or whenever you’re out and about so you’re not tempted to reach for the wrong things. Raw nuts, bananas, edamame or greek yoghurt are all super easy to carry around and they’re nutritionally dense.

#2 – Notice what comes out

In short: are you peeing enough? Not drinking enough water can dehydrate the tissues and muscles in your body, while worsening your mood and disrupting collagen production. All of these things make us look more strained, tired and older than what we are. Avoid soft drinks or sports drinks, these contain masses of empty calories which are best spent on something that will fill you up and provide nutritional benefits.

body transformation

#3 – Move as much as possible

One visit to the gym per week then skipping any further exercise or movement for the other 6 days is sadly, not enough to change your body’s shape. However, if the idea of daily gym visits isn’t for you, then you can still get a good amount of exercise via other ways.

For example, you can walk, jog or cycle to get to places. Even parking your car a bit further away can add up to decent movement over the course of a week. Consider: two 15 minute walks to and from your car will add an extra 30 minutes of exercise a day!

And for those stuck at a desk, stretching is fantastic. Movement promotes circulation and joint health – things that are essential to physical endurance over our lives. You don’t have to be a pro, just keep it basic and attend a yoga class once you’re ready for some new inspiration.

#4 – Sleep

It’s tempting to miss out on sleep when you have a busy schedule, but eventually it starts to catch up with you. The body needs sleep to recharge and refresh itself, plus it provides an opportunity for your brain to decompress and reorganise information.

Sleep also allows the body to repair and heal itself, reducing the length of colds and injuries. Last but not least, studies show a strong link between healthy weight and sleep – the better you sleep the less likely you are to have weight issues. To have a good sleep, you may want to check Vitabright’s natural sleep remedies. So, rest up!

#5 – Call in the experts

Of course it sounds extreme (and is), but there are always surgical ways to transform your body – at least in certain areas. For some, undergoing a liposuction procedure is a viable tool to achieve the body they want.

Best done only once your healthy eating and exercise patterns are well established, liposuction can spot reduce and contour areas that hold onto stubborn fat. It’s also possible to have your extracted fat stored then injected into other areas such as the face to reduce the appearance of ageing.

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