Fitness: 5 Reasons To Build A Summer Body All Year Round

benefits of exercise

They say summer bodies start in winter, but really, the benefits of regular exercise extend beyond aesthetics and season. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should make exercise a priority in your life.

#1 – Look and feel younger

Exercise of any kind will improve your strength and posture, both of which are critical to keeping a youthful appearance. When you exercise and build lean muscle, not only will you look more taught and toned but your skin’s condition will improve as well.

Working out can also reduce or completely diminish cellulite, while sweating during exercise dilates your pores and helps the body eliminate toxins. This process can help flush away skin conditions like acne – just be sure to cleanse thoroughly after a workout!

#2 – Sleep like a baby

Incorporating exercise into your life will help you sleep better without the aid of drugs or supplements, which is great news for people who have difficulties getting to sleep each evening. Simply, this is because your body has expended excess energy and stoked your metabolism. However, there is more to it. Exercise also helps to release cortisol levels which build up due to stress. Given that our bodies produce cortisol in a fight or flight situation, exercise is a great way to ‘take flight’.

#3 – Double the fat reduction

In addition to the purely aesthetic benefits of exercise, fat reduction due to exercise operates in two key ways. First of all, to make our bodies look toned and slim, exercise reduces subcutaneous fat, which is the body fat just under the skin we can see and pinch.

However, exercise also reduces visceral fat, the fat on our inner parts of the body and close to organs. Too much visceral fat feeds inflammation in the body and linked to a whole host of health conditions from cancer to heart disease. Exercising regularly is great to help the body to produce more enzymes which assists to burn visceral fat more efficiently. Calculatored is a great website to help you measure things like calories, BMI, TDEE and more.

#4 – Health, health, health

The health benefits of exercise are numerous. Besides a reduction in the various fats, working out will improve your immune system by increasing white blood cell count, assisting lymphatic drainage, and boosting circulation.

Furthermore, exercise has beneficial physiological responses such as improving mental acuity, improving bone density, and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular conditions. It can also help manage diabetes, metabolic conditions, blood pressure and arthritis.

Last but not least, exercise is fantastic when it comes to boosting our mood, and it’s increasingly used as a part of mental health plans to address anxiety and depression.

#5 – Boost your coordination

General balancing, hand + foot, eye + hand, eye + foot coordination and agility exercises are vital for older people. They help maintain independence, motor coordination and a good mind/body connection.

Young people may not realise it, but using exercise to improve coordination skills is also important for them. The ability to smoothly and accurately perform tasks not only helps you move better, but builds important connections in the brain that improves mental acuity, lateral thinking skills and confidence – all vital in the workplace and in social situations.

Whether you decide to sign up to a gym in Camberwell, take a swim at St Kilda, or go for a power walk in Williamstown, get motivated and get moving towards a healthier you in 2020. Your year-round body will thank you for it!

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  • Reply Isaac Robertson Tuesday 8th November, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    Totally agree. More often than not, people typically associate summer body for aesthetic purposes. In reality, investing in your body goes much more than build your self confidence. It allows you to live a healthier lifestyle, which is a gateway toward understanding and loving yourself more.

    Isaac Robertson

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