The 5 Dream Features For Kitchens In 2020

kitchen trends 2020

The heart of the home is always, the kitchen. Therefore they’re an important space to design carefully. Kitchens should be functional and durable, welcoming and light, and of course – easy to clean. 

Here are 5 key things to consider when you’re planning a kitchen renovation in 2020 or beyond.

kitchen trends 2020

#1 – Luxe Materials

During the design phase, you may be tossing up between traditional materials such as wood, tiles, marble or quartz for your surfaces. But with an eye on the future, why not consider hybrid materials such as Rauvisio Crystal – this is a scratch, and fade-resistant kitchen material that is also writable and magnetic. Perfect for kitchen memos like reminders and shopping lists. Click here for for additional guidance on renovating your kitchen.

Other futuristic surface materials include those by Wilsonart, Durat and Hi-Macs. These can be teamed with natural elements such as wood and marble, or used exclusively depending on your design preferences. 

kitchen trends 2020

#2 – Next level technology & appliances

Today’s technology is pretty incredible compared to a say, decade ago, but tomorrow’s will be even more intuitive. The latest smart appliances include voice command microwaves, wi-fi enabled slow-cookers, smart fridges and ovens with built-in cameras. Forget simple USB power points, for 2020 and beyond, consider high-tech surfaces that wirelessly charge your devices, such as those offered by Corian.

Naturally you will pay a premium for all of these! However, when shopping for tech-enabled appliances, if you look for reputable brands and make an effort to learn how to maximise their special features, it’s money well-spent. 

kitchen trends 2020

#3 – Wonderful Windows

Let there be light! Allowing for plenty of natural light is not only an aesthetic goal, it adds to the energy efficiency of your home. Moreover, the placement of windows is important for ventilation to let go of cooking smells.

In terms of style, not all windows are created equally. Casement windows and louvres are helpful for directing airflow manually, while skylights that open (aka roof windows) are even more ideal. Double-hung windows which open from both top and bottom will also generate more airflow.

And as for temperature control, installing the right type of blinds is a must. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in Melbourne and need guidance on the correct placement of windows, there are several reputable kitchen designers who can help.  

kitchen trends 2020

#4 – Style Up the Lighting

There are many ways you can add style to your kitchen lighting beyond a few carefully placed downlights. For example, you may consider using reflective surfaces to help move light around the room. High-gloss tiles, mirrors, stainless steel, glass and reflective splash backs all work well for this.

Take care to line up your ceiling lights with key areas such as bench tops, while angling them to minimise casting shadows from people as they’re working. LED strips are a striking addition underneath cupboards and are an efficient way to illuminate an area at night when the main lights are off.

kitchen trends 2020

#5 – Butler’s Pantry

These days, we may not have a butler’s pantry installed to store the ‘good’ china, but they are a fantastic addition to any modern kitchen, space permitting. Butler’s pantries offer more storage, a place for prep and an additional wet area. Some kitchens also use a butler’s pantry to house a second fridge/freezer and wet area.

If you don’t have the space for a bona fide butler’s pantry in your renovation, don’t worry – an extended walk-in pantry can also suffice. But be warned, organising a butler’s pantry can be addictive!

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