Interior Inspiration: The Kitchen. 11 Looks To Lust Over

If you’ve ever done a renovation, you’ve probably gotten surprised by how easy it is to get obsessed about details you previously never knew existed.

Topping the list of places to discover newfound obsessions would have to be the kitchen and the bathroom. Who knew the levels one could go to, to find the perfect tapware, the perfect basin, the most Pinterest-worthy tiles and swoon-worthy kitchen details. The sink is an indispensable feature of the kitchen, so check out some of the incredible kitchen sink ideas and designs available at to inspire your next kitchen upgrade, improvement.

One of the aspects of kitchen design that certainly caught me by surprise was the kitchen cabinets. Flushed with more inspiration that I knew what to do with, I quickly realised that the scope and variety of kitchen cabinets was a lot more broad than I had ever really noticed before.

Far from just being a functional appendage that conceals cupboard chaos, I learned that kitchen cabinetry (as boring as it sounds) had the ability to completely set the tone of the kitchen – and the home in general.

Along with bathrooms, it is the kitchen which presents a great opportunity to add style and flair to a property, and when selling, it is both of these spaces which can help squeeze a few extra dollars out of buyers.

It wasn’t long before I was pinning madly to my Pinterest boards and scoping out the latest and greatest kitchen designs from the best interior design magazines.

If you’re looking to renovate, or perhaps you just harbour an interior design obsession like I do, scroll below.

Here are some of the most striking and attractive kitchens, which all feature a strong kitchen cabinet element!

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: This golden dream designed by Jean-Louis-Deniot has been circulating around the interwebs since it first appeared in Elle Decor a few years ago. It’s brash, it glamourous, but I love it.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: In love with this classy, classic, yet still modern kitchen. Matt kitchen cabinets accented with brushed gold hardware spells perfection.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: For the ultra-minimalist, nothing would speak more to you than this slick white kitchen design with rustic touches.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: However, who said that “sleek and minimal” had to be white? This ultra modern, moody kitchen filled with warm textured kitchen cabinets and flooring definitely piqued my interest.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: Only in Europe. There’s nothing about this I don’t love. While the outward-opening kitchen cupboard is reminiscent of something out of Nonna’s house, when closed, the kitchen reverts to modern adaption of an ornate European apartment house.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: This is a clean and elegant kitchen design that’s perfect for small spaces. The in-built kitchen cabinets make the best use of space without taking over the room.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: I’m particularly fond of this Scandinavian/Zen style kitchen that features the most beautiful wooden cabinets offset with muted stone.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: For those who love the monochromatic look in the morning, consider a black and white kitchen. The interesting treatment of these kitchen cabinets combined with tile pattern make this kitchen a feast for the eyes.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: Solid blue has become a popular kitchen colour recently. Perfect for classical and traditionally-inspired kitchens, this hue can feature across all kitchen cabinetry without appearing too heavy.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: A foolproof option for any kitchen design is simply to dress up simple kitchen cabinets with sophisticated hardware accents.

kitchen cabinet inspiration

ABOVE: Like popping on a great pair of earrings, occasionally feature hardware can transform an already great looking kitchen into something fantastic. The vintage-style pulls really add interest to functional kitchen cabinets.

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